How To Write Impressive Product Descriptions (Part 2)

It’s very good to create wonderful contents for your product descriptions. Thanks to them, you can get more orders. You use tips of Autoketing as follows to write effective descriptions. They are useful for Shopify store owners.

Using superlatives

You use superlatives in the descriptions to inform that your products have the highest quality. They are the best. For example, Amazon describes their product name Kindle Paperwhite that it is the most ultimate e-reader in the world. They write “World’s most advanced e-reader – higher resolution”.

Readers’ imagination

If visitors hold items in their hands, they want to buy it more. Online shoppers can’t grab a product in hands. So what can you do to create a real experience? Videos and clear images are solutions. Another way is making visitors imagine what happens if they own your products. Seduce their imagination and persuade them to buy products.

Using stories

Companies or stores use stories to break rational hurdles. Use stories to make the friendly atmosphere and ease customers’ mind.  A wine manufacturer put short stories about winemakers in their description. They are Laithwaites company. When you decide to write a story about your business, you get some ideas: product manufacturer, the inspiration, obstructions, and quality assurance.

Sensory words

This method is applied in restaurants or food business. Sensory words describe food or drink to make them more delicious. They drive more sales since they engage brain processing power. We show an example of Green and Black, a chocolate manufacturer. They use “crunchy” and “smooth” adjectives. Words not only describe the taste but also refer sound and touch. Make use of adjectives to write attractive descriptions.

Social proof

Customers will look for reviews if they don’t have enough confidence to buy your product. They want to know other buyers’ comments. Does your product get complaints or compliments? In the era of 4.0 industry, e-commerce becomes popular and social proof can persuade visitors to buy items by building their trust. Social proofs include comments, articles on blogs or press, and so on. A product that has many good reviews can attract shoppers more.

Being easy to read

Display and arrangement of ideas are quite important. If the description is displayed concisely and coherently, it’s easy for visitors to read information. When you design the description, you should concentrate on some elements such as headlines, bullet points, white space, and font size.

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