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How To Write The Attractive Product Descriptions

history July 5, 2018

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An effective way to attract clients to purchase your items in Shopify is the attractive product description. The product description explains what a product is and why it’s worth purchasing.

The purpose of giving the description to your product is to supply customers with details about the benefits and features of the product so they decide to buy.

  • Focus on your ideal buyer

You should put yourself in the buyer’s position. Consider what words they love or hate and what their demand is. Therefore, you can write a caption that attracts them.

  • Give the benefits

The features and specifications are important when you draw your client’s attention. They are interested in features and specs and before buying something, they will consider the benefit of each of your features. How do your products make customers feel happier, healthier, or more productive?

Thus, you must attach them in your description and that is the reason why you need to highlight the benefits of each feature.

You sell not only your product but also the experience.

  • Avoid yeah, yeah phrases

You should have the knowledge of your product in detail. For example, when introducing a smartphone to the clients, you need to describe how wide the screen is, how good the camera is and so on. Besides, avoid saying “excellent product quality” because it makes your words become less persuasive.

Provide the specific proof of the outstanding features to make the customers trust you.

  • Seduce with sensory words

The sensory words make the significant contribution to increasing sales because they engage more brain processing power.

The sensory adjectives refer to not only taste but also to sound and touch such as black, white (chocolate), crunchy and smooth. The vivid product descriptions make consumers want to experience your items.

  • Tempt with social proof

When the visitors access your website and they are unsure about which product to purchase, they are likely to refer the reviews and experience of the old customers. Then, you should highlight the products that are customer favorites.

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