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The Welcome Popup Playbook for Converting Traffic

history November 11, 2022

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For good reason, many e-commerce marketers measure success in terms of conversion rate.

After all, if at least some of your site’s visitors become users, subscribers, or paying customers, your business will most likely grow over time. You’re going to have major issues if they don’t convert.

The problem is that most first-time visitors to your website will not make a purchase.

So the question is, how can you maximize the time they spend on your site while also encouraging them to remember your brand after they leave? Basically, whether they bounce or not, how can you build a relationship with them?

The solution is to use a welcome popup. It has the potential to completely transform your company.

What is a welcome popup?

As soon as your visitor enters the page or shortly after, a welcome popup is displayed. It might take the shape of a banner, flyout, bar, etc. The important thing is that it needs to draw the customer in.

What then is the purpose of the welcome popup?

You already know that the vast majority of new visitors (at least 97%, if not more) won’t buy anything when they first browse your website.

As a result, “second chance business” can be very beneficial to your business. After all, if a customer showed interest the first time, he or she might be prepared to make a purchase the second time.

Of course, maintaining contact with the prospect is necessary if you want to get that second chance. Email marketing can be useful in this situation. Email can be a channel for bringing visitors back to your website.

Therefore, the purpose of a welcome popup is to obtain the visitor’s email address so you can maintain their interest in your brand and, ideally, have them return to complete a transaction.

Why do so many Shopify stores run welcome popups?

Short response? because they are effective!

Around 2015, when many of the bigger brands started investing in them, popups really took off. This choice was made after taking into account a number of factors. For illustration:

  • Many of these e-commerce businesses were relying heavily on email marketing to generate their income. By just using email, we’re talking about 40% or more. It stands to reason that you will be able to generate more revenue the larger your email list of customers is.
  • Furthermore, welcome popups make it simple to gather new email addresses. After all, the customer has already come to you!
  • In addition, welcome popups significantly reduce the “friction” that visitors would typically experience if they agreed to provide their email address (scroll down to the right section, click on the right link, and so forth). This reasoning led the major brands to increase their use of welcome popups and they haven’t turned back since.

What makes a great welcome popup?

Isn’t that the million-dollar question? especially if you’re unfamiliar with the welcome popup scene in general.

In order to assist you, we have created a straightforward playbook that will enable you to convert 5% or more of your traffic (the industry standard benchmark).

The following are the top 7 plays you need to execute:

  1. Make use of the popup format. Flyouts, bars, and banners are all fantastic, but if you’re new to popups, we suggest sticking to traditional designs. Once you have the fundamentals down, you can try out different formats.
  2.  Maintain the vertical shape of your popup. Although it may seem strange, there is a very important reason why vertical is frequently preferable to horizontal: mobile devices. You don’t really need to have separate welcome popups for desktop users and smartphone users. Whatever device your visitor uses, a vertically oriented popup should function properly. Keep it straightforward to save yourself some hassle.
  3. Speak to recent site visitors. We advise you to limit your welcome popup’s initial target audience to brand-new visitors. Popups can be used to increase sales from current customers, but for the time being it’s best to concentrate on expanding your email list.
  4. Wait a moment after the visitor lands on the page before launching your popup. Almost like an ambush for new visitors, a lot of welcome popups appear right away. While it’s not always a bad thing, it might irritate your potential customers. However, you’ll probably get better results if you set your popup to appear after the visitor has been on the page for 5 seconds or after they have scrolled down 75% of the page. You’ll probably be aiming for a higher-value audience because both of these visitor actions are high-quality signals. Furthermore, it might not be as startling to your visitors.
  5. Fill your popup with concise, compelling content. Make it clear what you’re offering and why they should sign up, whether you’re offering a discount, a newsletter subscription, free shipping on their first purchase, or a monthly drawing (Of course, we do recommend incorporating an offer into your popup to incentivize new signups).
  6. Create a compelling CTA. Your call to action should be obvious, contain an action verb, and assure your prospect that the process won’t be challenging. Use the CTA, “Reveal code now,” for instance, if your offer is a coupon code for 10% off their first purchase. It reassures your visitor that they can obtain the code right away and won’t need to leave your website after signing up (pro tip: if you make them check their email to get the code, they might get distracted and not come back).
  7. Be careful not to overthink the creative process. Your first welcome popup only needs to be functional; it doesn’t need to be flawless.

Don’t let your inability to be creative paralyze you. Just send one off! You could always go back and improve it.


There it is, then! The welcome popup playbook will increase your conversion rate to 5% of visitors. Following these 7 steps and keeping in mind the welcome popup’s goal will almost certainly result in an increase in your website’s conversion rate. And as a result, your company will expand.

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