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Weak Points Of E-Commerce Business

history August 3, 2018

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Electronic commerce is a fad in the global economy. The number of enterprises attending the e-commerce market has increased dramatically. The sale revenues are expected to grow rapidly and reach a huge amount of profit.  E-commerce creates various advantages, yet it has disadvantages.

Customers cannot try on items directly

Many customers don’t choose to buy online because they can’t try on items like clothes or use products directly. They are afraid that commodities don’t work well. This is the problem which many retailers have to deal with.  Fortunately, this won’t be a long-term issue. When augmented reality appears, more stores are starting to use AR elements to their store to allow customers to try products on. Augmented reality e-commerce companies like Holition and Augment, offer solutions for businesses to create a more interactive experience for your customers.

Errors in technology

No buyer can buy from your store if your site crashes. You must ensure your website is hosted on the right platform. Imagine you pay the minimum hosting fee and get a surge in traffic from a high converting ad or a television shout-out like, your site will perhaps be broken. You should open a store on Shopify as this platform offers free hosting in their monthly fee allowing you to have one of the best servers on the market.

Nonetheless, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud, and others were affected by the crash. The issue was resolved the same day. Yet, site crashes on Shopify are so rare that it’s likely not to cause problems in your business.

Shipping prevents customers placing an order

One of the worst e-commerce disadvantages is you must transport goods to customers. When a shopper purchases in physical stores, she can take the product home right away. However, with online shopping, it takes one week or more for most customers to receive their products.

For example, while Amazon offers same day shipping, it wasn’t a profitable model until they created Amazon Prime. It only brings profits because Amazon has tens of millions of Prime members. The solution is to notify your customers. Let them know when they can receive packages as soon as they place an order.

Autoketing is developing applications for merchants of e-commerce platforms. To enhance customer care service, you can use email with love and Shopify facebook chat messenger on https://autoketing.com/.

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