The Ways Entrepreneurs Must Know To Build Brand’s Community On Social Media (Part 2)

Social media seems to be indispensable for Shopify businesses in this technology era. It can help enterprises to reach their consumers by building the brand’s community on Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms. Therefore, it is easy for brands to get closer and support their customers well.

We show you one way to create an engaged network of fans and followers around your business in part 1 and in this part, there are three more ways:

Know your audience well

Your social media fans are not only the homogenous audiences base that all behave the same way but also individuals, each of whom has his/her own reasoning and behaviors associated with why and how he/she interacts with your brand.

Your brand has to understand the different types of customers within its social community engage accordingly whenever possible. Sean Paul, Grammy-winning reggae dancehall artist said to Business News Daily that simply by being genuine in your interactions and getting to know your fans, you can build a good foundation for creating a strong community of fans on social media.

For example, her fans in Japan and Europe respond differently and generally have different preferences or knowledge in regards to her music as compared to her fans in the U.S. Similarly, she has a different relationship with her fans in her hometown Jamaica. It will bring forth a better response because of her engagement with fans differs based on what she knows.

In addition to this, you can know your customers well when you communicate, chat, and support them. With the facebook chat, you can keep in touch with them easily.

Embrace authenticity

Business owners now tend to transfer from the traditional and formal approach to social. They are embracing more organic and authentic content. It can cause a massive drop in ‘likes’ and followers if overly promotional social media content and posts come across as disruptive and inauthentic.

Because fans and customers feel like they are getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the very latest, they follow brands and artists. In today era, millions of followers can open doors to lucrative endorsements or brand collaborations.

Enterprises see those opportunities and understand that to continue growing their community, they need to ensure their social streams feel genuine. Then, promotion is still going on.

Put fans at the center of your strategy

The audience is your key to your strategy and your brand. You can’t succeed without them.

Paying attention to the user-generated content (UGC) in your social feeds is a part of any successful social media campaign.

The smart strategy is to make your audience become the star of your social channels. Fans and audiences will engage even more, growing brand awareness within their network when they see brands actively listening to their social chatter.

Paul said that to take advantage of the wealth of UGC from his summer tours, he used the beta version of SocioFabrica’s Nicho.

Besides, by collecting videos and photos posted by her fans, Paul used a special hashtag, #fullspeedtour and captured the vibes from her shows. It’s a great way to recreate the excitement to have them all in one place. Furthermore, to get her fans more involved in her career, she also does some photo and video contests.

Similarly, you can attract more customers to your brand by creating the good interaction with them to make a good impression. For instances, brands should send the thank you email for each purchase of client, the email with love free can help you do that.

President of social engagement platform Postano named Justin Garrity said that because UGC allows social audiences to share photos and posts that have meaning to them, rather than just promoting a product, UGC is so successful.

Businesses become more lifestyle-focused and promote ideas that are bigger than their specific products. Brands are now asking fans to share photos, videos, and thoughts … about what the products enable them to do instead of asking fans to upload photos of the products they purchased.

For example, Cliff Bar printed the hashtag #MeetTheMoment on their products this summer to encourage fans to take photos of places where Cliff Bar enabled them to go. The focus in these photos on the trips and activities of the brand’s community instead of on the product.

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