The Ways Entrepreneurs Must Know To Build Brand Community On Social Media (Part 1)

In this decade of social media, social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook have been a part of mainstream Internet use for the better but brands have changed the way to use them dramatically.

Companies including the shop online on Shopify now also use the social networks to build and enhance the customer experience instead of using them solely as the marketing platform to trumpet their products.

The co-founder and creative director of SocioFabrica called Sylvia Vaquer said that brands realize the benefits of communicating and connecting directly with their audiences, without an intermediary.

In the past, enterprises and artists had to build their fan base and audience by relying on massive marketing budgets. However, in today business, brands use social media tools and platforms to help grow a flourishing community of audiences like Instagram and Periscope.

John Swanciger of small business community Manta said in a recent Business News Daily article that building a community should be a brand’s top priority for its social media use.

Here are many ways for enterprises to create an engaged network of fans and followers around their business.

Ask — and listen to — what your audiences want

Building a community on social media is known as creating the content the audience wants. It is obviously the best way to ask them to find out what they want. Then, business owners need to really listen to the feedback they give.

The company launched its new social-based visual marketing platform Nicho named Vaquer recommended brands and entertainers produce lots and lots of content and not just any content. Besides, these contents need to be which your community wants to see. In addition to this, brands can also ask their customers what they want in a quick Instagram video or dive deeper with a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

After our community speaks up, based on what fans have requested, you should follow through by implementing new contests, campaigns, and other initiatives.

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Continue reading Part 2 to know more.

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