The Way To Convert Facebook Live Viewers Into Customers

Facebook Live is an easy way to broadcast to the largest audience in the world for free with more than 1.9 billion people using Facebook monthly. When you have started a business on the Shopify platform, you may miss out on valuable customers if you aren’t using Facebook Live to market your products and services.

Business uses the live video to connect directly with the followers acquired on your social channels instantly. When you go live, the social media platform also sends out notifications to your followers and subscribers. Thus, users will easily track your activities and your products.

There are the tips for businesses to convert the live viewers into paying customers:

Have a plan and call to action

You are essentially making a speech or presentation in front of a live crowd via a Facebook Live video. You need a strategy and a call to action. Think about your purpose before making the live video.

You should write a call to action in the text box and refer to it during the live video. You can encourage viewers to visit your website or share the video with a promo code.

You always want to be on top of your game going into it.

Advertise the event

You’re missing out on potential viewers if you don’t promote your Facebook live video.

You need to make sure that your followers will know the time you live stream and make them excited to get the notification and click it.

Besides, you can create an event on Facebook along with a description.

Show off your product

Showing off your products or services is the most important part of creating a successful Facebook Live video. Besides having the engaging content, you also need to promote your product or brand.

Interact with the viewers

It’s much easier to make a sale when customers trust you and your brand. To increase trust and authenticity for your brand, business owners can interact with customers during Facebook Live. It can be a conversation between you and potential clients.

Besides, you also need to improve your customer services. The email with love and facebook chat bot are also the good choices.

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