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  • Using Promo Videos To Boost Your SEO

Using Promo Videos To Boost Your SEO

history April 27, 2021

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What are Promo Videos and How to boost your SEO with them?

SEO is the process of ranking your website content so that it’s more likely to be displayed in the search engine result pages or SERPs. 

This is typically done by including keywords in your site content, meta descriptions, title tags, etc. 

However, with the rise of video consumption today, creating promo videos can also be a great way to help boost your site’s rankings in the search engines. 

Below, we’ll examine a few simple steps on how to do so! 

Choose The Right Hosting Platform For Promo Videos

In the past, YouTube was virtually the only platform marketers would use to display their video content to the world. 

Today, on the other hand, you can choose from dozens of hosting platforms to help get your content out there, including YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress Video Hosting, Facebook, TikTok, and more. 

However, it’s essential to understand that not all of these platforms are needed to boost your SEO efforts. 

YouTube is still the most important. 

But it’s more important to choose a hosting platform that your target audience uses. 

Therefore, if you know your target audience often hangs out on Facebook, you might want to focus your efforts on using that platform. Alternatively, if your target audience often hangs out on TikTok, you’ll want to focus on promoting your content there. 

Promo Videos To Boost Your SEO

Use Relevant Keywords In Title And Description

Your videos’ titles and descriptions are some of the most important factors that search engines will use to learn what the video is about. 

Therefore, you must use relevant keywords in these two sections. 

For example, if you’ve created a video about boosting your website’s SEO, you’d want to use something like “How To Boost Your Website’s SEO” as a title. And then, you’d want to use similar keywords in the description as well. 

Choose A Compelling Thumbnail Image

Although you want your video’s content to speak for itself, internet users will often only click to watch a video when the thumbnail image catches their attention. 

Therefore, on top of using keywords in your titles and descriptions, you also need to make sure that your video’s thumbnail image is engaging, attention-grabbing, and relevant.

It also doesn’t hurt to include catchy text or a professional logo in your thumbnail, which can also help entice viewers to click on your videos. 

Include Subtitles Or A Video Transcript (With Keywords)

Whether they’re using a smartphone or their laptop, it’s no surprise that most internet users keep their volume turned off until they’re ready to watch something. 

With that in mind, it’s a great idea to make sure that your video includes subtitles so that, even if they have the volume turned off, viewers will still be able to catch what the video is talking about. 

This is especially useful when hosting content on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which often auto-plays the video without sound until the user clicks on it. 

Additionally, including a transcript of your video in the description is another great way to give search engines a better idea of what the video is about. 

How To Use Promo Videos To Complement Your SEO Efforts

Promo videos are most often used to promote your brand and its products or services. 

However, when properly planned and executed, promo videos can also be a great way to help boost your rankings in the search engines and improve your overall SEO efforts. 

Just make sure that your video content, titles, descriptions, and transcripts include as many relevant, high-ranking keywords as possible! 

By doing so, both human searchers and search engines will have a better idea of what the content is about, even before hitting the play button! 


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