Use Handwritten Thank-You Cards To Win Customers for Life

Nowadays, customers receive plenty of thank-you emails every day from businesses. Therefore, a brand sending handwritten thank-you cards will stand out in the market. If you are running an online store on Shopify, you should consider using handwritten thank-you card.

You can send personalized letters, postcards, or inserting notes with your product. Your handwritten notes are able to delight your customers and win loyalty for life.

There are many tactics to write and deliver memorable thank-you notes quickly and efficiently.

Getting supplies for cards and notes

You should keep these few tips in mind when working on notes for your customers:

Use unique cards or quality stationery to express your brand.


Personalize by using the customer’s name.

  • Be specific about why you’ve sent the note and say thank you to your customers.
  • Be thoughtful. Reference their order to show that this card is specifically for them.
  • Sign off the card warmly, but professionally: Cheers, Thanks again, Sincerely, Kind Regards, etc.

You are able to determine the best way to scale this thoughtful gesture from your business when you’ve got the basics down.

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Buying regular cards

Before writing hand-written notes to your customers, you need to ensure that you have cards to write them on.

Select the notes which are eye-catching and suit your brand. In addition, it’s impressive if you utilize the unique cards which are designed for your own.


Buying paper and envelopes

When you are a small and new business, it may be more cost-efficient if you buy larger pieces of paper and slice them up into smaller pieces to write letters. It’s much less expensive and you are able to design them on your own.

What about branding?

Including your imagine and slogan as well as the brand name to get familiar with your customers. You can get creative with stickers, stamps, or buy from the DIY branding.

Ways to write and send cards at scale

Do it yourself

You can do it yourself if you are a small business and you have not too many customers. However, when you develop with a more expansive customer base, your team would take turns writing out the notes for a set period of time.

The profit of this rotational way is that everyone can talk to the clients and experience the warm fuzzies of sending personal notes.

Therefore, you can bring good experience not only your customers but also your staffs.

If will get the best result if you can send with a discount or a small gift.

Preparing for the holiday season

In the Black Friday Cyber Monday, you will have many new customers and it’s the opportunity for you to turn them into loyal customers. The handwritten thank-you cards are a good way to impress them.

Furthermore, sending a thank-you email is also a good idea because you will have too many customers these days.

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