The holiday season is a special occasion to boost sales for stores and companies. In annual events and holidays, the number of customers increases. The demand of the market rises up too. Obviously, the orders and sales have an opportunity to reach out the huge amount. Businessmen take this chance to sell goods as many as possible.

Store owners use various ways to market their brand on the holiday season. They operate advertising campaigns, send marketing emails, and discount campaigns. Today we introduce a method to boost sales. That is gift guides.

A sample of gift guides

In a year, there are many holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Valentine, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and so on. Many people want to give gifts to family and friends on these occasions. Customers choose different presents for target receivers. Gifts are in high demand. Therefore, if you’re a shop owner, you can use some tips as follow.

Gift guides are ideas and instructions to gift someone. For example, website Guitar Adventure has launched a post about gifts for guitarists. They list 20 unique and creative gifts for guitarists. And this post is searched most. They put a link back to stores selling the gifts. Readers can go to the stores to buy gifts they want.

Finding gift guides

You find guides on blogs and websites. You use a spreadsheet to look for easily. You want to buy a gardening toolkit to present your dad. So you must find websites and blogs related to gardening. You can use keywords like gardening gift guide, gardener father day gift guide, gift ideas for gardeners, etc. You should add 20 websites to the spreadsheet before the outreach process. 20 webs should be of high quality. We give you some standard to choose good websites. Blogs and webs should be approachable and have an active readership.

You can contact administrators of webs or blogs to send a request. You tell them that you want them to add your products and store on their list. You want to be a part of their gift guides. You should not send a mass email. You follow webs until they response you. Another way is you create your own gift guides.

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