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  • How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Brand Value And Customer Loyalty?

How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Brand Value And Customer Loyalty?

history July 5, 2018

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Using the email marketing to promote your online store in Shopify is the common and effective way. However, to take the best advantage of this method and achieve the best result, you should give the smart strategy.

The following are the techniques to make full use of email communications to increase customer loyalty or brand awareness.

  • Informational Newsletters

One of the most common forms to build the brand and customer loyalty email is sending the informational newsletter’s email. The main purpose of this activity is to build a relationship between an active customer and a brand or company. Besides, it also results in sales spikes.

  • Thank-You Emails

How do you think to send a customer a standardized “thank you” email after a purchase or transaction? This makes customers feel impressed with your customer services and connected to your brand or company!

You can find the email with love app in Autoketing that help you give the significant thank you emails to your partners.

  • Customer Surveys

The business should send the emails to survey customers. It allows them to feel that their voice is being heard at your company. Besides, the survey email can include the offers and promotions to meet their shopping needs.

Thus, the email marketing is considered as a two-way street to make customers feel as though you are in a conversation with them and that makes them want to invest in your brand or company.

  • Birthday and Anniversary Wishes without Offers

Don’t forget your customers’ birthday and give the best wishes to them. Give them a gift such as the discount, offer or buy one get one free program. They will be happy and impressive, so they give priority to your brand.

In addition, you can also give a gift at your company’s birthday and anniversary.

  • Event and Informational Alerts

You can also keep your brand front-and-center in a customer’s mind by emailing to remind customers of upcoming events some information in short email form.

Sending emails to your clients actively while they are engaged with your brand has a two-fold benefit. It may be the most important segment of email marketing.

Explore more helpful apps and information in https://autoketing.com/.

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