How To Upsell When Customers In The Checkout Step: Last-step Upsell

Upsell including last-step upsell is one of the most effective strategies for merchants to increase revenue when selling in a brick-and-mortar store or on the Shopify platform. It means merchants provide opportunities for customers to purchase related products or services. Besides, one more purpose of upselling is to make a larger sale.

One example of upselling: when a client buys a laptop, it is possible to give them the suggestion of a more modern and expensive laptop. Therefore, not only customers feel convenient but also you can gain more revenue.

Besides using the custom upsell offers, last-step upsell offer can also help merchants sell more at point-of-sale.

What is last-step upsell?

Last-step upsell is similar to custom up-sell offers. The difference is that this type of upselling makes popups show up after customers click the Checkout button. You need to create set up cart conditions in order for customers to see the popups. They have to meet these requirements to see the last step upsell popups.

For example, you set up the cart value greater than 100 dollars so your clients will see the popup if they are going to make a purchase of more than 100 dollars.

In addition, the sales motivator bar is a great feature. Sales motivator bar will continue to encourage shoppers to add more items to achieve a fixed target and get a discount in the last step of shopping before checkout.

The last step upsell shows up like this:

How-To-Upsell-When-Customers-In-The-Checkout-Step-Last-step Upsell

Here is how to set up last-step upsell offers:

The Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app by Autoketing is a striking app suggesting other products for shoppers. It helps you save time to set up and make recommendations for customers. The app allows you to create many campaigns including discounted cross-sell and upsell products such as buy X get Y, get free shipping, percentage and fixed amount.

Step 1: Create the offer’s name and message

  • Click the button “Create offer”. You will see a popup:


  • Click “Create offer” button on the area of “Last step upsell offer


  • Name your offer. Only you can see it and it helps you distinguish the offers in the overview page so that you can manage different offers effectively. Your clients don’t see this offer name.
  • Choose offer message: There are 3 types of available messages for you to choose. Otherwise, you can create your own message.


Step 2: Set up Cart condition:

If your customer’s cart meets the condition, the upselling offer will show.

  • You can adjust many rules. Then choose “all the following rules” so that the popup will display when your customers meet all the rules, or “one of the following rules” so that the popup will display when your customers meet one of these conditions.


  • Click View to edit Rules of Cart condition.


  • You have two options to choose: Cart total price or Cart items.

If you choose Cart total price, select value Is greater than or Is less than. Then create an amount in the box. For example as on the picture: Cart total price is greater than $100.

If you choose Cart items, adjust Contain or Does not contain, Products or Any product from collections. Next, add collections or products. For example, you set a rule: Cart items contain one specific product or Cart items do not contain any product from one collection.




In addition, it allows you to add many other rules.

  • Click “Add another rule” to edit


Step 3: Choose upsell products

  • You have 2 choices: specific products or specific collections.




Step 4: Set up Sales motivator bar

  • You can select the available motivational message or type the one you want.


  • Set up Discount by percentage or amount, enter a number. Then, enter the fixed target that customers have to get.


Step 5: More settings

  • Device: Choose the devices to display the popup: Mobile or Desktop or both of them.


  • Schedule: Allow the offers to show immediately or at a specific time. Then choose the start and end time.


  • Advanced settings: Choose one of these features or all of them:

– Don’t show products that customers added to the cart

– Don’t show products that are out of stock

– Only show upselling offers to customers who logged in


Step 6: Save

  • Click the Save button to save all your settings.


Your upsell popup will display like this:


Besides, you can consider creating custom upsell offer or custom cross-sell offer with the help of the Upsell cross-sell smart tool app.

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