Understanding Target Audience To Build Right Products

How can we define the success in business? What is a successful entrepreneur? Each business will produce products or services. When they sell them with a huge amount and own a large number of customers, they earn lots of revenue. They have their own brand. That means they gain achievements somehow. It’s the same in the e-commerce industry. You must produce and sell what the audience needs. You have to give them which items or services they demand. For example, you should build apps serving merchants on Shopify if you are a developer.

Investigate the buyer’s demand and understand why they buy products. You apply knowledge about psychology in researching market and customer’s behavior. Dive into shopper’s mind to determine potential product lines. Today let’s find out why people purchase what they buy.

Pleasure and agony

It’s obvious that customers buy and use a product or service to get rid of uncomfortable feelings and raise pleasure. You must know well their demands. Not all customers have the same demand. Maybe a group of people has a common demand. You can support just that group. For example, Uber’s customers are people who need to go to a place but they don’t want to drive themselves. Uber targets at that group of people and provides them with taxi service on the smart technology platform.


You also research and understand the emotions of shoppers. With each type of emotion, they will buy different products. There are 8 types of main emotion including joy, sadness, anger, fear, trust, distrust, surprise, and anticipation. Guess what they do next. Direct their emotion to control shopping behaviors. If you satisfy customers, they will become happy. You can use cross-sell or up-sell strategies.


Although shopping decisions depend on emotions, customers still justify their purchase. Your products or services must provide benefits and solve the audience’s problems.

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