Turn One-Time Seasonal Buyers Into Lifelong Customers (Part 3)

It’s worthy to turn one-time seasonal buyers into lifelong customers, especially when you are a small business on the Shopify platform because this can help save time and effort but these customers bring you much profit.

You’ve read many strategies on Part 1 and Part 2. Let’s see what are the next:

Promote your customer loyalty program

A report by Forrester showed that loyal customers spend $42.33 more in the three-month span than normal clients. Loyalty programs encourage customers to get even more value and businesses need to find a creative way to encourage seasonal shoppers to join your program.

You can offer a product upgrade, discount, or free complimentary gift in exchange for the customer starting their membership.

In addition, another benefit of a loyalty program is word-of-mouth marketing because loyal customers tend to recommend your brand to others.


Re-engage customers with retargeting

You can retarget customers that reached checkout to build a relationship outside of your website and email list.

You can start with a few Facebook ads ideas to market to your custom audience of BFCM shoppers:

New product announcement

When adding a new product to your store, you can create an ad to let Black Friday Cyber Monday shoppers know because they may be interested in learning about it.

Try out the sale notification app to build your customer’s trust.

New sale

Let clients who took advantage of previous offers learn about the new opportunity if you’re running another sale or deal.

Winback discount or sale

Consider offering a coupon if you find it’s hard to get a seasonal customer’s attention. Send a message with the title “We haven’t seen you in a while,” or “Have you seen our latest collection?”. Don’t forget to attach with a coupon offer.


Earn their attention

Grab your customers’ attention by creating a unique ad such as, “Hey, how did you like our product? Let us know in the comments.” Or something simple like, “Thanks for being a [Business Name] customer.” They’re not typical ads, and the goal isn’t always to generate the immediate repeat sale. Its purpose is about brand awareness and to develop a relationship with previous customers.

In addition, you can run a promotion in the social networks to reach more customers.

A customer’s first purchase is not the end of the race, it is the beginning of a brand new relationship. So, you can encourage repeat purchases by providing value and in return.

Read more: How To Thank Your Customers

Each new purchase is considered to be an opportunity for business to provide value for the long-term. The way you support your new customers influences the experience you provide them and, hopefully, it has the positive impact on your bottom line.

You should try out many tactics to turn seasonal shoppers into lifelong brand loyalists and see what is the most effective method in your experience.

There are many outstanding strategies waiting for you on  https://blog.autoketing.com/. Explore the best which suits your brand.

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