Turn One-Time Seasonal Buyers Into Lifelong Customers (Part 2)

A lifelong customer can spend more on your store than a one-time seasonal buyer. Therefore, it’s time for you to turn one-time client to the loyal shopper for your online business on Shopify.

In Part 1, I showed you the method of nurturing the relationship through email and here is the next method.

In BFCM, customers usually treat businesses as “just a BFCM discount to take advantage of”. Therefore, these transactions rarely lead to lasting customer loyalty. However, you can keep them coming back by providing outstanding customer support.

Consistently exceed customer expectations

Send a thank-you email or note

In a few days after the Black Friday Cyber Monday, it’s better if you send customers a personalized and meaningful message. Besides, you can let them know how grateful you are to have them as a customer if this was your first BFCM sale.


While email still offers a solid option, handwritten notes are the best opportunity of standing out. However, handwritten notes work best when you have a few customers. On the other hand, when you possess plenty of clients, you should take advantages of email with love to send the thanks to your audiences.

Just with a few minutes to send your email to your list of customers, you can create the potential upside of a repeat purchase.

Leverage discounts, coupons and gift cards

An effective way to keep customers coming back to your store is to offer them a free gift card, coupon, or discount.  With the help of the discount master online app, you can create many attractive discount campaign without wasting time and effort.

Therefore, customers tend to come back to your store for another purchase to make use of the discount or coupon.

Be proactive

Businesses usually wait for the issue or question of customers offering assistance. Therefore, being proactive helps you stand out. Ask customers how is their experience or if they have any other concerns or questions.

You can set the automated email to do this and the right time to send email depends on your product. You can let your clients experience the product they ordered and then send an email. Another approach is to send a follow-up email immediately to provide how followers can reach you if they need to and after some time has passed, send an additional email.

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Provide lightning-fast service

During the holiday season, businesses have to solve many requests than ever. It’s important for them to work to halve your response time:

Hire temporary support help: you will need more staffs to support customers in these holidays to give them the best experience.

Enable live chat to respond to the most important requests quickly.

Write and highlight FAQs. You need to ensure all of your help content is up-to-date.

Establish processes and workflows. This helps streamline things and deliver a consistent experience to all customers.

Anticipate the issues. Look back at historical support requests during other busy times and fix many bad issues.

Reply to new customers on social media

Not many businesses contact with their audiences on social media after their purchase. It’s worthy to find your customers on social media and engage with them especially if you’re small.

Therefore, by consistently exceeding customer expectations, you can turn one-time seasonal buyers into lifelong customers.

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Read the last part to know more.

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