Track Everything And Analyze Results In Black Friday Cyber Monday

A good business is the one who can grab the chance to become outstanding in the marketplace and drive sales and Black Friday Cyber Monday is one of the good opportunities for businesses on Shopify platform to boost their revenue.

In these days, it’s vital to track everything and analyze results to see which program works best and how good is the result.

Track everything and analyze results

Set up Google Analytics

Every e-commerce business owner should use Google Analytics because it is a powerful, free traffic tracking tool. You want to ensure you’re using it correctly and make full use of it to have the most accurate view of these sale days.

Get familiar with your Shopify Reports

You can learn a lot you from your Shopify analytics. You can also track how your marketing efforts are converting to visits and sales.


Marketing seems to be the fundamental part of BFCM, so you need to make sure to brush up on how to measure, track, and improve the marketing campaigns directly in Marketing Analytics of Shopify.

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Set up heatmaps or advanced user/traffic tracking services

You also need to analyze the position of the clicks of visitors and know the way audiences read your product pages. You can make use of Shopify’s Analytics tools because they are powerful enough for most businesses.

Besides, if you want, during Black Friday Cyber Monday, you might consider using additional user-tracking tools to gather detailed data.

Keep an eye on the competition

One more way to create the best marketing campaign is to keep an eye on the competition. Discover the way they treat their customers and run their discount programs.

In order to gather ideas for your own Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, you should pay attention to your competition’s marketing efforts.


To subscribe to their email list is the easiest way to sleuth on your competitors. The, after receiving their email, you can learn the types of emails they send, and how frequently they send them.

Furthermore, keep tabs on rivals on social media networks and see which websites are talking about them.

Give the best experience for your customers with the best app currency converter to allow customers to see the price of the products in their currency when selling abroad.

Post-Black Friday Cyber Monday

Turn seasonal shoppers into year-round customers

You should not let the relationship with holiday shoppers end after the holidays. On the contrary, it’s better to make effort to maintain and nurture the relationship with your new clients you acquired during Black Friday Cyber Monday.

You need to usually stay active on the social media network and send out post-sale emails to your followers to keep them engaged year-round. However, retargeting might be your next best option if your customers are seasonal, one-time buyers who didn’t sign up to your email list or follow your social media accounts.

You can use the ad copy and continue to expose these customers to your latest or most-relevant products to bring them back to your website.

Reflect on what worked and what didn’t

Track everything from the previous holiday sales to learn from its mistakes as well as its successes. Therefore, businesses can build the best holiday campaigns.

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