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Top Shopify Best Selling Products during COVID-19

history September 17, 2020

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COVID-19 strikes and causes enormous changes to the U.S eCommerce industry in half a year. According to Adobe Analytics, The U.S online sales increased by 42% year over year in August. Since March 2020 more than 107 billion USD has been spent online. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic causing a chaotic time for all. See how Shopify Retailers: Increase Sales During COVID-19

The eCommerce industry is hustle right now, so it would be a shame if Shopify store owners miss this golden opportunity. Dive in and analyze the number, find out the causes and solutions with Autoketing

We can divide the product selection into six categories:

1- Security and Protection

2- Home Appliances

3- Home Improvement

4- Sport and Entertainment

5- Lights

6- Tools

Three categories got low in sales are:

1- Luggage and Bags

2- Men’s Clothing and Accessories

3- Watches

In the effort to decrease the spread of the Pandemic, quarantine measurement takes place. It explains the negative growth of Luggage and Bags. Watches, Clothing, and Accessories are also considered unnecessary at the moment.

Shopify Best Selling Products During COVID-19

According to the data, the recommended products bases on the units sold, not the revenue of merchants. Keep this in mind and look for suitable products to add to your Shopify Store to boost sales during the Pandemic.

1. Exercise Bands

Exercise Resistance Band is the Shopify Best Selling Products online. With the lockdown, many people can’t go to the gym or even avoid take a stroll in the park. 

Exercise Band quickly become one of the best selling products online. Due to government isolation methods, there is no surprise that Exercise bands or home fitness appliances grow trending.

Home Gym on Google Trend September 2020

Add related keywords to your blog and social media to attract high-quality leads. Not only does it expand the opportunity to grow sales, but also attract new potential customers to your Shopify Store.

2. Skin Care Products

The beauty industry saw a boom in this COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s time to love yourself, do exercise to boost the immune system, and take care of your skin. Before the Pandemic, people drive by the time clock and busy schedule. Now, they have more free time to listen to their body.

Skin Care Products on Google Trend September 2020


  • When selling items in the healthcare and beauty categories, focus on visual information. 
  • Upload photos and videos about the products or the experience of using it.
  • Consider running Instagram ads to make sales faster.
  • Make Instagram stories to highlight top-selling products
  • Publish posts with hashtags

If you need reference resources of what business strategies you should take up during the COVID-19 era, read COVID-19 Business Strategies: Survive and Thrive

3. Water Bottle

Strange. But it’s true.

The Water Bottle market has already earned 8.1 billion USD in 2018 and expects to grow by 3.9% in 2025. Water Bottle is still on the growth of Google Trend. Shopify Stores can get beneficial by adding water bottles as one category in the store.

Water Bottle on Google Trend

The healthier lifestyle includes working out and using friendly products collide remarkably in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Marketing Ideas

For environment protection, the glass or metal water bottle is recommended over plastic. As for the marketing campaign, you can raise customer awareness about a healthy lifestyle. Water bottle, yes. Non-usable bottle, no. Your target audiences will be more conscious about the harmful effects of plastic bottles on their health and the environment.

Show your lovely water bottles in use. Let customers know how fashionable and simple function your products are. They can carry it while doing exercises, outdoor activities, or lay it on the desk when working from home. Give a strong statement that those water bottles never go out of style. They’d be pleased to own one.

4. Pet Bed

Adorable pet beds, pet toys, and accessories, in general, have become popular even before the COVID-19 crisis. It continues to be an ongoing trend and see a thrive in the online business. 

Each design is undeniable cute and unique. It becomes the selling point to Shopify merchants as the customers look for a bed for the dear pet. Pet items mostly come at high prices. However, customers do not hesitate to purchase the best for their friends. 

Pet bed on Google Trend in September 2020

However, to sell products for a household pet, Shopify merchants need to target your customers and marketing your product with suitable content. 

Email marketing is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers and gradually grow more sales.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing is one of the best Email Marketing application on Shopify.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing

Thank You Email Marketing Tool create professional email marketing campaigns to support Shopify stores by email newsletter, cart recovery email, and many auto email marketing campaigns. 

Thank You Email Marketing Tool receives 109 5 star-rating on the Shopify app store, which sends a strong statement about its perfect performance.

5. Yoga and Pilates mats

Yoga and Pilates’ benefits are the elephant in the room. As the estimate of population growth and rising awareness of healthcare, the yoga mat industry expects to reach 17.3 billion USD by 2025.

The overwhelming number can make some suspicious. What we can guarantee is the products are the top best selling and promise to bring revenue.

Marketing Tips

Upload the photo of a model do the yoga on the mat. Set a clean and calming vibe to the shoot. Post them on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Provide the series of yoga routine, healthy lifestyle to promote your products.

Use Pop-ups on your Shopify Store to take visitors’ attention. Sales Pop Master – Countdown by Autoketing offers desirable features to increase conversion and create Call to Action. It shows social proof to sales pop notifications to creat shopping urgency. Along with Countdown Timer, Countdown Stock, and Coupon Codewheel to boost customers’ orders.

Sales Pop Master – Countdown gets a 4.8 star-rating on Shopify App Store, which proves its performance to increase sales and conversion to any Shopify Store. 

Customer’s Feedback on Sales Pop Master – Countdown

Sales Pop Master – Countdown is the best solution for sales growth.

For more available options, check for the reference resource on Shopify App Store  

Last but not least, keep in mind that the Autoketing Team is always ready to support you. Autoketing is constantly looking for new updates and the best solution for online business on Shopify Store.

If you need any assistance or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always there to help.

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