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Top 5 Marketing Strategies of Mother’s Day To Attract More Customers

history May 11, 2020

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Mother’s day is just around the corner, as Shopify merchants, can you apply the most optimized and effective marketing strategies for your business to leverage more customers, we are here to lend you a hand. 

How to help customers stick to their mom? Here are 5 best creative and interactive marketing campaigns that Shopify retailers can create with ease. Let’s dive into it.

Present target products with giveaway or discounts

There are plenty of clients looking for the perfect gift for all the unique moms in their lives. The perfect gift is something that they can actually work out but also has a nostalgic touch. Let people who are taking part in your contest choose from a range of goods or services that you deliver.

This is a good chance for you to show off your target products to gain more sales and AOV for your store. Upsell and Cross-sell Smart Tool is highly recommendable for Shopify merchants, this turns out to be an effective app helping a lot of sellers to skyrocket their revenues. 

Spring sale background with flowers. Season discount banner design with sakurs and petals.

Organize a quiz to know audience’s preferences

A quiz is the ideal format for knowing the preferences of your audience but also for highlighting your products! Organize a survey between two of your products, and give your users the chance to win a copy for their mother. At the end of the fight, add a form and pick the winners by draw.

Create an easy giveaway from email list

Offer a simple giveaway if one of your goals is to draw new customers, increase brand recognition and build up a list of interested leads. All the people have to do is fill out a form for a chance to win your money. Using the marketing automation features of Thank you Email after you have selected a winner to give everyone who has entered a winner announcement and consider sharing a special discount with everyone who has entered.


Give branded colorings and printable cards

Give coloring to the youngest of your audience and cards for their mothers to print. Customize your coloring and cards with your logo and colours, in order to improve your brand exposure.

Emotional Marketing

Emotions drive encounters with the customers and affect actions. As a brand it can take the brand a long way to evoke the right combination of emotions. Understanding your target audience and relating to their problems or experiences would allow you to feel empathetic and thereby build content that they will enjoy.

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