Tips Help Merchants Sell More On Black Friday Cyber Monday

To answer the question of selling on Black Friday Cyber Monday, we will find out other tips to prepare a good plan for the important days. Shopify merchants apply tips to create the best campaigns and manage to raise purchases.

Ads and ad copy

Advertisements are very important. You should make a plan to run advertising campaigns. Google Smart Shopping campaigns and Facebook ads in Shopify are good suggestions. Now you can create them easier.

Announce customers about upcoming sales

How about forming suspense and buzz around the upcoming campaigns? How can you do that? You will notify customers about your sales. Send them emails telling discount campaigns on Black Friday-Cyber Monday occasion. Raise the curiosity of buyers so that they take a look at your products or website. By using Shopify free shipping bar app, you can add free shipping campaigns to your event to promote the shopping needs.


Abandoned cart emails

According to Barilliance, the average cart abandonment rate was 74.5% on 2017 Black Friday. This rate is very high. How can you reduce that rate? You can use abandonment cart emails. Emails are for shoppers who have had items in their cart but they didn’t do a payment. Emails will be able to take customers back to your store and finish their order.

Read the article How do Shopify stores prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? to find other tips.

Sell on the mobile device

Last year, the percentage of customers buying through mobile is higher than desktop. More and more people shop via mobile because of its convenience. You provide people with the best experiences while they use mobile to shop goods. If you have a store on Shopify, you choose mobile-friendly themes and test how apps look like when they run on the mobile device. You can use shipping bar master to display shipping notifications on the store. This app is friendly-mobile with beautiful themes.

Check your website and investigate the feedback

How can you get review or feedback from customers or visitors? If you can do this, you can analyze customer’s behavior and research effective selling strategies. Use Usertesting to encourage shoppers to leave reviews. You need to analyze feedback in the right way. You make changes if reviews are reasonable. Email with love free app sends thank-you emails to customers, then you may receive their feedback.


Appeal past visitors and customers

This action is related to Facebook Pixel on your store. You use it to take previous consumers and visitors. They used to know about your shop but now they forget it. Maybe they have some orders which haven’t been checked out. It’s good to exchange past consumers into real current ones.

Past shoppers who had bought products on your store are potential customers. How do you encourage them to buy your items much more? You must market your Black Friday-Cyber Monday campaigns and tell them about discount deals. They may have a concern about your events. Attract customers to your campaigns as many as possible. You can use discount master app to generate discount deals and introduce them to customers.

Take care of the blog and gift guides

If you have your own blog and website, you also need to manage them. Announce visitors that you will organize campaigns on Black Friday-Cyber Monday. You can contact and coordinate with sites which notify Black Friday-Cyber Monday events or have gift guides. You feature your products and services on the websites.

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