Tips for business to take advantage of Youtube (Part 1)

YouTube is a video platform launched in 2005. Nowadays, Youtube is also a social media network which is used for marketing for businesses including merchants on Shopify.

Originally, YouTube is web-based, then, it develops and adds a high-performing mobile application. Now, YouTube accounts are linked to Google Plus because Google bought the platform in November 2016.

Youtube is ranked No.2 globally in web traffic. There are more than 1 billion users, and more than half of all views come from mobile devices.

It seems to be easy for users but if you want to use it to market and grow your business, it’s more complicated.

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Explore these following instructions to use YouTube for business:

Signing up for an account

To view content on Youtube, you don’t need to have an account. It is the difference from other social media networks. However, in order to upload and engage with other users, an account is required. In addition, in many videos flagged as adult content, membership is also required to view.


Logged in to a Google account to sign up. It can be an existing Google account or you can create a new one. Go to YouTube to customize your YouTube business channel after logging in to your Google account.

There are a few options on the menu. There are links for trending videos, subscriptions, and the homepage, as well as three categories: Subscriptions, Library, and More From YouTube. You can organize which videos you’ve liked, watched, and saved for later in your library. Besides, the channels you subscribed update on Subscriptions, and you will receive the notification when they’ve uploaded new content.

Holiday sales are coming soon. It’s the best time for you to start creating an impressive discount campaign to attract customers and boost your sales.

There are four buttons in the top right-hand corner of the page. There are the instructions for you to upload the videos, the YouTube apps, the way to give a message, and an icon of a bell notifying you of your account activity, such as a new like or comment. Besides, the icon of your profile picture directs you to your account information pulled from Google.

Customizing your YouTube profile

You need to customize your profile with your business’s information after signing up for YouTube. You, then, will have a specific URL in order for other people can find your channel through a direct link.

Go to your avatar icon in the top right corner of the homepage to customize your channel. Then, click on “my channel.” You can choose to use your business name.


It’s impossible for you to change your YouTube channel’s layout, but you are able to add channel art like the Facebook or Twitter banner. You can add your business’s logo and/or tagline in the header.

There is a way for you to promote your customers to buy more: offer them the free shipping service when they reach the number of products or revenue.

Your channel art and profile photo should represent your brand clearly through high-quality photos. However, YouTube will fill in generic default images for both if you don’t upload a photo or art. Your profile photo is pulled directly from your Google account, not YouTube. You will spend a few minutes to sync your Google profile photo to your YouTube account.

It’s necessary to fill out information about your business. You should share the information about your brand, your products, services and so on. Moreover, it is impossible if you add your website along with your company’s tagline. Therefore, the YouTube users, including your subscribers, can get a general understanding of your brand, your service, product and other information including the contact details. In sum, every social network, especially Youtube is an opportunity for businesses to gain new audiences and loyal customers.

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