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Tips Business Must Know For Using Your Facebook Page

history August 15, 2018

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It’s your challenge to create and engage an audience of followers and customers after creating a business’s Facebook page for your online store on Shopify.

Here are the tips to help you:

Know your ideal audience.

The Facebook targeting tools can help you target specific demographics, locations, and interest groups. Use the tool to know your customers and give the appropriate strategies.

Be personable, not just sales.

Try to be personable in your Facebook posts so your audience will respond well and you will sell more products.

Do giveaways and contests

It can be difficult to get organic traffic on Facebook. However, you can do the giveaways and contests to attract customers. The giveaways should be relevant to what you’re selling. Give away something that your ideal buyer would want.

Create and advertise events.

You can create events in your business via Facebook. The event can engage your audience and turn them into customers.

Share relevant content from other sources.

Creating and sharing only the original content can be time-consuming. Thus, you can curate and share relevant content from other to save some time and effort. However, be sure that your ideal audience would also be interested in this post.

Have conversations.

To communicate with your clients, you can create and share posts which engage your audience and then respond to their comments, questions, and concerns. Customers are more likely to become your customers if you’re having conversations with your audience.

Highlight business milestones.

You can celebrate anniversaries by highlighting company milestones like the anniversary of your opening or the similar events to engage your audience.

Use tracking and analytics.

Take the best advantages of this information to find out what kind of content is engaging your audience and then adjust your posts.

Use Facebook ads.

Running Facebook ads is the best way to reach your desired audience.

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