The Role Of Email Marketing In Business Development

You have so many options when you want to choose a way to market your online business. They are social media, email, SEO or content marketing. Email is a very traditional method, but it is still effective.

Easy access to the audience

According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email has an ROI of around 4,3%. People say they receive both marketing messages and personal emails. Customers subscribe to an email list of a business to take coupons or discounts. Email is an effective communication channel between the company/store and customers.

Many entrepreneurs are using Facebook and Twitter because they are the most popular social network now. However, they have disadvantages. Facebook requires you to buy an advertisement to boost posts. Twitter limits customers’ reaching and engagement.

The average customer lifetime value (CLV) of users acquired through email is considerably higher than those coming from social media. Some people are seeing it drive more traffic than social as well. Only a small percentage of customers click to open posts on Twitter, but the higher percentage of receivers open the email.

Email is so much more effective at driving traffic and sales because you attend to interact with customers about your products and business in personal online space. Email with love app helps you express appreciation to customers.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a great place for free content distribution and building your community. Nevertheless, they’re also crowded, so customers distract from your posts or tweets.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the main marketing strategy right. You share content and promote your brand on social media. Content marketing raises your ranking in search results.

Creating viral content is not easy at all. You have to write yourself, use outsource content or hire content writers. You decide which type of appearance: text-based blog posts, videos, Slideshare presentations, podcasts or infographics.

Then, you have to decide who is going to create all of that content for you. Do you have an in-house team of content creators? Do you outsource? How do you find someone who excels at creating different types of media? It’s necessary to collect emails from visitors. You build a relationship with visitors and make them become your real buyers.

While social media and search are great ways to get discovered by your customers, email is the way to really build a relationship with them.

Now that you see how important email marketing is. It’s time to get started actually building your email list.

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