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  • The New Normal: 4 Biggest ECommerce Trends In 2021

The New Normal: 4 Biggest ECommerce Trends In 2021

history January 21, 2021

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The COVID-19 Pandemic shifts the world by storm. Due to the quarantine measures, the eCommerce trends are rising. Harley Finkelstein, Shopify’s President announced that in 2020, the eCommerce industry had gone from 20% to 30% which is what was expected in 2030. Shopify has also changed to adapt to new eCommerce trends in 2020. So, what trends will go and what will stay? Let’s take the advantage of 2021 with The New Normal: 4 Biggest ECommerce Trends In 2021.

The increasing eCommerce trends of product drops

Product drops are different from dropshipping. It’s limited edition products released to drive sales and promote partnerships. 

The common product drop items are shoes, cosmetics, household goods, and dietary supplements. Small business owners have earned thousands of dollars thanks to product drops.

Here’re the reasons that prove products drops are better for brands:

  • Reduce the risk of inventory
  • Extend and strengthen connections and partnerships
  • Increase revenue
  • Branding

Social media sees a boom

The growing eCommerce trends of Social shopping

Facebook and Instagram are built to support online businesses. Both Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping aren’t new methods to reach audiences. However, in “the new normal” after COVID-19 Pandemic, these social platforms will make a big push into online shopping.

It’s high time for brands to participate in social media. It not only helps with sales but also to create your brand awareness. 

In the future, advertising on social media is going to be much more competitive and expensive than it already is. Take the advantage of the early bird and build your brand online existence as soon as possible.

eCommerce Trends in Social Media
eCommerce Trends In Social Media


  • Integrate the Facebook Fan page to your Shopify store. Afterward, you can tag the products in each post. 
  • Research your competitors’ social media carefully. You can see how they set up the catalogs, content, and advertisements.

Adapt to thrive with Innovative Social Media Marketing Strategy For Shopify Business In 2021

Heightened digital advertising competition

Though the eCommerce trends increase due to the Pandemic, the competition among brands is also higher.

The difficulties come from both sellers and marketers. According to research in 2020, the advertising expenses during the Pandemic is higher and harder to rank.

Moreover, digital content has become crucial. It takes effort to grab the attention of customers. 

It’s challenging for Shopify merchants to compete with larger eCommerce companies since they have more funds and resources. However, competition in digital marketing is unavoidable. 

The email will become even more valuable

Email marketing is a fundamental element in eCommerce, especially in Shopify businesses. 

eCommerce Trends In Email Marketing
eCommerce Trends In Email Marketing

Here are 10 benefits you can take advantage of email marketing:

  1. Low cost
  2. Reach targeted audiences
  3. Deliver designed messages
  4. Increase revenue
  5. Easy to customize
  6. Measure email marketing effectiveness
  7. Create a great call to action
  8. Impact instantly
  9. High conversion rates
  10. Strengthen customers loyalty

However, since eCommerce appears to have many unpredictable trends, will the marketing method change?

72% of businesses apply email marketing. The effectiveness of email marketing is irresistible.

Wonder what is the best email marketing app for your Shopify store? Check out Autoketing’s recommendation.

Increased demand in household categories

Because the social distancing method is going to conclude until the vaccine is used widely. Online shopping is considered over shopping at physical stores. 

New eCommerce Trends In Online Shopping

Customer’s shopping habits have changed, Shopify business needs to adapt to survive and thrive.

Many items such as face masks, or hand sanitizer were considered optional before the Pandemic now has become products of everyday consumption.

Consider adding new products to your Shopify store categories to boost sales. 

In Conclusion

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought both corruption and opportunity. The upcoming year will be the chance for proactive merchants as they catch the new eCommerce trends.

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