The Effect of Shopify on eCommerce

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With the help of business model sites such as Shopify, people can build up their own eCommerce store without difficulty. It cannot be deniable that running an online store on Shopify does wonders for that business if they know how to take advantage of it, however, it somehow can make or break a business. 

In this article, Shopify’s pros and cons of eCommerce will be discussed. But have you heard about this most popular eCommerce platform? Let’s take a very first look at it.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform that allows retailers/wholesalers to create their own online store and sell commodities. 

There are various features in Shopify that can assist users if you are willing to open an online clothing store. The most important for any clothing store is the ability to add variants, Shopify does provide the same with ease.

Why choose Shopify?

There is a wide range of eCommerce platforms available replacing Shopify such as Wix, BigCommerce, Weebly, etc, all of them guarantee to bring out huge benefits to business owners such as growing business, easy to get started, low cost. However, what makes Shopify emerge as the most preferred eCommerce platform for online startups and merchants? 

With the flexibility (large and diverse Shopify app), security, efficiencies (friendly interface), support and return on investment (marketing, SEO benefits) that it offers, Shopify allows merchants to get on the greatest in running their business, its features help people build their own eCommerce store with hundreds of remarkable built-in aspects and tons of Shopify app. These are the most prominent Shopify-supporting app: Currency Converter Box, Sales Pop Master.

Pros of using Shopify

Easy to set up and use

If you are not a technophile, do not have fears of starting your own eCommerce stores. You can absolutely set up your websites after reading through or watching tutorials for Shopify. There is no need to have a foundation or understanding of coding at all, all you need is to register, give a name for your store and add your products. 

Shopify is simple to use. You can edit descriptions, customize color schemes and add titles to your images once you have uploaded your products onto the platform, easier than creating a WordPress blog.

Support in SEO & Marketing tools

Another plus point of Shopify is to suggest its powerful SEO features assisting business online owners to seek for more potential customers. From that, your stores can be reached by a huge number of clients and continue to rank higher, bringing about a great profit. 

Marketing tools such as social media, product reviews or email marketing are also included. Shopify also has many cooperations with other companies to provide clients support from Shopify apps to create discount codes like Discount Master (support merchants many discount campaigns to stimulate their customers’ shopping needs and bring more revenue).

Besides, you also have access to advanced analytics to tell you where your clients come from, so you can tailor your ads to suit your needs.


There are tons of information contained in the platform, not just your own private information but also the client’s information. As a result, the protection and security of any online platform is key to the success of any online store.

What Shopify gets is a strong security program, settled on the onset, to make sure online retailers can have the best experience to sell products. 

Cons of using Shopify


Even though some basic-needed plans are provided to run a business online without charging free, merchants have to pay a higher cost for advanced features such as fraud analysis, gift cards, and reports.

Many useful Shopify apps are not free and come at price. However, Shopify app not only does have a large number of apps but also comes with quality. I think those effective apps are worthwhile as an investment to help customers save time or reduce the amount of hassle in your workflow. 

Initial setup

It’s easy to open a basic store in Shopify, but optimizing it according to your needs requires a lot of customization a bit of coding knowledge. For the development, theme customization can require you to hire a professional Shopify developer to redirect to the custom domain.

Above are some benefits and drawbacks of using Shopify for eCommerce. If you find it interesting, see more posts at Autoketing blog.

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