Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to resolve. With more than 70% of online shopping cart abandonment, the problem is running rampant in the eCommerce market.  For every 100 visitors to your shop, that means 68 of them are walking Read More

Beginner’s Guides to Run Sales Promotions (Part 1)

One of the most popular eCommerce platform, Shopify, that none online business owners should miss. However, do you know some tactics that you can utilize to run sales promotions and push your eCommerce site conversion rate up? To optimize the best for your eCommerce store, you should always be brainstorming on ways to improve it. Read More


Tips for business to take advantage of Youtube (Part 1)

YouTube is a video platform launched in 2005. Nowadays, Youtube is also a social media network which is used for marketing for businesses including merchants on Shopify. Originally, YouTube is web-based, then, it develops and adds a high-performing mobile application. Now, YouTube accounts are linked to Google Plus because Google bought the platform in November Read More


What is better for business: Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories? (Part 2)

It is said that video is now developing on social media. Therefore, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories are also used as the tools for businesses including merchants on Shopify to promote the brand and reach more audiences. In Part 1, we showed you the benefits of Facebook stories and we will talk about Instagram Stories Read More


The Answer For Dropshipping Products On Black Friday

Black Friday is called a gold mine for both retailers and online stores. According to an economic report, the US retailers alone got about $7.9 billion on Black Friday 2017. The revenue in Cyber Monday was about $6.6 billion. In Shopify platform, merchants earned more than $1 billion on Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017 occasion. Read More

Grow Your Business With Recurring Revenue Models (Part 2)

It is said that the loyal customers bring more benefits to businesses than the one who makes a sale walks away. If you are an online store on Shopify, you need to know these following recurring revenue models to grow your businesses. Two of the models are shown in part 1 and here are the Read More


How To Capturing The Holiday Shoppers Early For Businesses

Just in a couple of weeks, we are on the long holidays for businesses. Every enterprise including sellers on Shopify should be willing to prepare for selling strategies now. It’s never too early to start prepping for the holiday season and this is the best time. you will get the highest sales if you prepare Read More


The Best Apps To Use On Black Friday Cyber Monday (Part 2)

Selling online is now the hot trend because it allows merchants to reach more customers. You will get the best result if you market your brand well and take advantages of many apps. When you are selling your products on Shopify, you should not ignore these following apps because they will have a positive impact Read More


What Guides Do Newbies Need For E-commerce Shipping? (Part 3)

In this article, we will figure out the next steps to create to an e-commerce shipping campaign on Shopify Shipping. Memorize and implement them carefully to have the most effective campaigns. Combining discount campaigns of create discount master with free shipping offer is a good choice to boost sales. Packaging and marketing E-commerce has developed at Read More


What Guides Do Newbies Need For E-commerce Shipping? (Part 1)

Although you run a business on Shopify or other platforms, you do so many things to make customers comfortable. You give them the best experiences to keep them with your store. You design the web’s display, improve the speed of loading, choose nice pictures of products, and write good descriptions. Customers can see all these Read More


Main Solutions For Shipping Specific Products Globally

If you sell online on Shopify and demand to bring your products to international customers, you should think about shipping. International shipping is a primary step in the process of expanding the business. To some certain products, the cost of shipping is quite expensive. The farther you ship, the more expensive fee you have to Read More

Steps-To-Run-An-Effective-International-Shipping-Part 3

Steps To Run An Effective International Shipping (Part 3)

If you sell products to foreign customers on Shopify, you must set up shipping campaigns effectively. Elements of international shipping You can learn the chart on Shopify to find out what to charge for foreign shipping. There are elements including the cost of shipping, packaging, handling charges, and duties and taxes. You add these expenses Read More

Steps-To-Run-An-Effective-International-Shipping-Part 1

Steps To Run An Effective International Shipping (Part 1)

Shopify is a large e-commerce platform. Merchants and customers come from so many different countries in the world. So, shop owners have to set up international shipping campaigns to send products to international buyers. Obviously, Shopify supports merchants to create shipping campaigns. You need to spend time figuring out the method to implement international shipping. Read More


How Do Five CEOs Use Their Emotional Intelligence? (Part 2)

In the previous part, we understand wonderful tips of Elon Musk and Indra Nooyi. Let’s continue to find out how three CEOs use their emotional intelligence to support their career. Richard Branson, founder, and chairman of Virgin Group He is so famous in the world. He is a well-known icon entrepreneur, adventurer, activist, and business. Read More


How To Increase The Average Order Value (Part 1)

The average order value shows the average amount of money each customer spending in an order in a certain time. It is an important metric which Shopify business owners need to pay attention to. Here are many ways to increase the number of average order value: Provide product recommendations The shoppers usually focus on buying Read More

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