How Does Shopify Create A Worldwide Platform?

Shopify is not unfamiliar with merchants in the world. It is a big e-commerce platform where hundred thousands of businesses are selling online. Let’s find out how Shopify make a platform for everyone. Shopify’s mission is to build a better e-commerce platform for all store owners from everywhere. Shopify will create the same experiences for […]

What Should You Consider Before Deciding To Invest Money?

Don’t do anything with money without a plan! Imagine you own a business on Shopify platform. You see other enterprises or stores are running campaigns. Some are operating advertising campaigns while others have bought more pieces of equipment. You also want to invest in your business. Don’t be hurry! You must review and make a […]

Growing Shopify Store Isn’t Difficult Thanks To 5 Accounting Rules

Accounting is a part of the operation of a business. You focus on accounting activities to manage money like revenue, tax or profit. If accounting steps don’t work well, your business will be able to in trouble. Although you own a small or big store on Shopify, you must keep an eye on accounting. Here […]

Where Do You Go To Find Business Idea? (Part 3)

This is the last article in the series of places to find product ideas. Should you want to sell goods on Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce, you can read this series. Here are 7 places to come up with interesting ideas. Reviews from on-site and third-party customers Customers’ reviews are very important. Visitors see reviews when […]

Ten Steps In Accounting Assist Small Businesses (Part 2)

We continue to discover the five remaining steps in accounting which small businesses should focus on. Imagine you own a Shopify shop until your store develops and get big enough, you must make all steps done well. 6. Payment method You must find a payment method for your shop. This method is really suitable for […]

10 Effective Tactics Of E-commerce Marketing To Capture Sales (Part 2)

To continue the part 1, we will explain the 5 remaining tactics of e-commerce marketing used in digital marketing. All of them are useful in some way. You can consider and choose tactics which are suitable for your business. 6. Create a good user experience and interface You are running an online selling website. You […]

10 Effective Tactics Of E-commerce Marketing To Capture Sales (Part 1)

E-commerce enterprises have bloomed until now. Businessmen not only sell products in physical store but also sell them online. Buyers just don’t go to the store to purchase commodities directly. They just use a computer or smartphone to buy items at online stores, webs or e-commerce platforms. One of the popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify. […]

Which Potential Products Should You Sell In 2018? (Part 1)

You have the ambition to become a successful businessman. In this century of technological breakthrough, you can put a step into e-commerce to find a new chance of startup. If you are running an e-commerce store in Shopify, you can update trends of popular products in 2018. Then try to sell them and see if […]

What Do Conventional Retailers Learn From E-Commerce?

The big difference between e-commerce companies and conventional retailers is the ability to monitor customers’ activities. By collecting and analyzing customers’ interaction, e-commerce businesses can offer great user experience service which is suitable for buyers’ interests. Although conventional retailers can’t apply marketing strategies of e-commerce companies, they are able to learn many valuable lessons. We […]

Select Professional Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping is one of the most popular transportation methods in the e-commerce industry. This kind of shipping method brings e-commerce businessmen so many benefits. However, if you are a dropshipper, you can meet some problems while using this service. Fake suppliers can prevent you from developing your business. Your customers will receive low-quality products if […]

Dropshipping – Secret Tip Of Entrepreneurs

Dropshipping is not a new term in e-commerce. It was used first time in 1999 by Zappos. Big companies like Amazon and Sears apply dropshippping model. Nowadays about 33% of the e-commerce industry uses dropshipping Dropshipping is a supply chain management method. Retailers don’t keep products in stock. They will transfer orders and shipment information […]

Are Alternative Currencies Essential For E-Commerce?

Alternative Currencies have been a hot topic for the last few years. They are not issued by the government. Alternative Currencies are indifferent to the money we use every single day. Most people never see the cash in the bank account. Money is transferred from our company directly into an account. Then, it is used […]

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