Best Shopify Apps For Sales And Conversion Optimization

To increase conversions on your website, you have to be relentless about testing new ideas. I’ve reached out to some of the best minds in conversion rate optimization. Then, I realize many apps on Shopify are really effective for sales and conversion optimization. In addition, I want to notice that these apps also work best Read More


Tips for business to take advantage of Youtube (Part 1)

YouTube is a video platform launched in 2005. Nowadays, Youtube is also a social media network which is used for marketing for businesses including merchants on Shopify. Originally, YouTube is web-based, then, it develops and adds a high-performing mobile application. Now, YouTube accounts are linked to Google Plus because Google bought the platform in November Read More


How Should Business Use Facebook Live? (Part 1)

You know video on Facebook is king. The video is now used more and more popularly and you can see several videos when you scroll through your feed. How you can take advantage of Facebook Live for your businesses on Shopify? Firstly, you should share videos of your product or service on a regular basis. Read More


What is better for business: Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories? (Part 1)

Videos are thriving more and more on social media. That is the reason why social media platforms are constantly evolving video features, including Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. These features are quickly becoming popular marketing tools which small brands including merchants on Shopify shouldn’t ignore. The same feature of 2 platforms is that both of Read More


How To Do To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign (Part 3)

Email marketing campaign absolutely is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Try your best to optimize and make full use of it for your e-commerce businesses on Shopify platform. In Part 1 and Part 2, we show you the reason why you should segment the email marketing and how to do it. We continue Read More


The Answer For Dropshipping Products On Black Friday

Black Friday is called a gold mine for both retailers and online stores. According to an economic report, the US retailers alone got about $7.9 billion on Black Friday 2017. The revenue in Cyber Monday was about $6.6 billion. In Shopify platform, merchants earned more than $1 billion on Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017 occasion. Read More


How To Do To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign (Part 2)

Until now, the email marketing campaign is also one of the most marketing strategies for businesses including the online store on Shopify. Enterprises need to give the best shot to build the best plan to take advantage of email marketing campaign for your brand. Nowadays, email is popular and more and more people use email, Read More


Tactics To Gain More Email Sign-Ups For Businesses (Part 3)

There is a fact that email is not only the easy but also the effective way to communicate. It is also true to businesses, especially online brands on the Shopify platform. In addition to the convenience, it is also free, so, don’t forget to take advantage of it for your email marketing. Gaining more email Read More


6 Free And Effective Applications On Shopify (Part 2)

In the previous post (Part 1), we have mentioned 3 apps for free on Shopify that you should know. And in this part 2, we continue to introduce 3 others to you and hope you feel its useful. 4.     Chattypeople This is the most advanced chatbot software, which applied artificial intelligent (AI) for Facebook messenger. Read More


6 Free And Effective Applications On Shopify (Part 1)

Shopify has become a popular selling platform in the world. This platform integrates thousands of visualization applications, which opens a vast world of shopping for buyers and support sales platforms for merchants. And here are some useful apps that help you grow your business, especially that list only includes free apps. Related Post: “5 Opportunities Read More


How To Capturing The Holiday Shoppers Early For Businesses

Just in a couple of weeks, we are on the long holidays for businesses. Every enterprise including sellers on Shopify should be willing to prepare for selling strategies now. It’s never too early to start prepping for the holiday season and this is the best time. you will get the highest sales if you prepare Read More


The Impact Of Page Load Time On Your Bottom Line

There is no doubt that we are living in the fast-paced world. We will want it now when we want something, and if we’re going to be far from happy if we are left waiting around. Similarly, the whole scenario is no different for the buying habits online. Therefore, for businesses on Shopify, the page Read More


Don’t Miss Black Friday To Boost Sales And Build Brand (Part 2)

Continue to read true stories about online shop owners who achieve great results on Black Friday. Though you sell on Shopify or other e-commerce platforms, you must always learn from other businesses. Figure out the tips from achievers! Collect customers and catch their attention The owner of Huskybeard, Paul Lee researched competitors so long and Read More


Use Handwritten Thank-You Cards To Win Customers for Life

Nowadays, customers receive plenty of thank-you emails every day from businesses. Therefore, a brand sending handwritten thank-you cards will stand out in the market. If you are running an online store on Shopify, you should consider using handwritten thank-you card. You can send personalized letters, postcards, or inserting notes with your product. Your handwritten notes Read More


Turn One-Time Seasonal Buyers Into Lifelong Customers (Part 2)

A lifelong customer can spend more on your store than a one-time seasonal buyer. Therefore, it’s time for you to turn one-time client to the loyal shopper for your online business on Shopify. In Part 1, I showed you the method of nurturing the relationship through email and here is the next method. In BFCM, Read More

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