How To Start Planning For Black Friday Cyber Monday

It is a great opportunity for e-commerce business including businesses on Shopify to make money on Black Friday Cyber Monday because people tend to spend more on these special days. To get the highest revenue, it’s necessary to start planning now. Prepare for customers who have already started researching It’s better to prepare your holiday Read More


Get Ready And Creative For Your Black Friday Cyber Monday Campaign

Black Friday Cyber Monday is one of the largest special days for businesses to boost their sales. Whether you are running an online business on Shopify or brick-and-mortar shop, you should not let it go away abortively. Grab this golden chance to drive more sales. Create banners and hero images to advertise holiday sales Gorgeous Read More


17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 4)

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns for most businesses including the online shop on Shopify. If you build a suitable plan to perform it, you will gain new customers. I showed you many steps to get success in social media marketing in Part 1&2 and Part 3, and there are Read More

avoid-seven-common-advertisement-mistakes-on-facebook -part -2

Avoid Seven Common Advertisement Mistakes On Facebook (Part 2)

Facebook is a potential market for businessmen. You don’t have to spend too much money to build a brick-and-mortar store. You sell products right on Facebook using the selling functions. However, it’s not easy to get plenty of profit. You have to do so many things. The advertisement is one of them. Don’t make these Read More

avoid-seven-common-advertisement-mistakes-on-facebook -part 1

Avoid Seven Common Advertisement Mistakes On Facebook (Part 1)

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. There are over two billion active accounts. Users not only communicate and shares thoughts but also sell products on Facebook. Many people choose to run a business on this platform. It’s no doubt that Facebook provides one of the biggest advertising platforms for businesses in Read More


Take Advantage Of Halloween Strategy To Earn More Money

Businessmen often prepare well for holidays or big events early because shopping needs increase suddenly on these occasions. E-commerce platforms like Shopify are dynamic on the holidays. You must import enough items to the inventory or make discount campaigns. However, in this article, we talk about Halloween strategy and its benefit in the investment, not Read More

simple-guides-about-performance-marketing-for start-up-beginners

Simple Guides About Performance Marketing For Start-Up Beginners

It’s crucial to make effective marketing plans.  Nowadays, online marketing plays a very important role. Customers prefer online shopping to buy in brick-mortar stores. E-commerce is an undeniable trend. Shopify, BigCommerce, Woo Commerce are big platforms where merchants establish shops and sell products. As a businessman, you have to market your online business to attract Read More


17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 3)

Every business on Shopify or other platforms can see the benefits of social media marketing and they will get the best result if they build a smart plan. After reading many steps on Part 1 and Part 2, let’s see the next steps: Respond to and Engage With Your Audience Your website is where you Read More


17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 2)

Social media is the effective supporter for business. If you are running an online shop on Shopify, you should consider using social media to market your brand. In part 1, I introduce you many first steps and here are the next ones. Follow them to get success in social media: Be on the Same Channels Read More


17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 1)

Marketing is an effective way to bring brands closer to customers. Every business needs to take time and effort to get success in this strategy. Social media marketing is now popular and brings many benefits. If you want to promote your brand on Shopify, it’s a good idea to take advantage of social media marketing. Read More


How Do Five CEOs Use Their Emotional Intelligence? (Part 2)

In the previous part, we understand wonderful tips of Elon Musk and Indra Nooyi. Let’s continue to find out how three CEOs use their emotional intelligence to support their career. Richard Branson, founder, and chairman of Virgin Group He is so famous in the world. He is a well-known icon entrepreneur, adventurer, activist, and business. Read More

How Do Five CEOs Use Their Emotional Intelligence? (Part 1)

How Do Five CEOs Use Their Emotional Intelligence? (Part 1)

Although you are running a small Shopify store or managing a big company, you should learn to connect your staff. Have you ever been curious about well-known CEOs? How can they solve all business and other problems? In the modern era, CEOs must be well-adjusted entrepreneurs. Unlike demanding and ruthless icon in the past, modern Read More


The Holidays For Businesses To Boost Sales On The Autumn

Seasonal marketing is one of the smart marketing strategies but it requires businesses to catch the trend and give suitable programs to treat and attract customers. If you want to promote your online store on Shopify, don’t forget to make full use of this type of marketing. There are many special occasions in a year Read More


How To Increase The Average Order Value (Part 2)

The high customer’s average order value makes the huge contribution to increasing your e-commerce store’s profitability. When you are running an online store on Shopify, you will want to increase the average order value. In Part 1, we show you 3 tactics and here is the last: Set up a customer loyalty program You should Read More


How To Increase The Average Order Value (Part 1)

The average order value shows the average amount of money each customer spending in an order in a certain time. It is an important metric which Shopify business owners need to pay attention to. Here are many ways to increase the number of average order value: Provide product recommendations The shoppers usually focus on buying Read More

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