How To Survive And Make Sales In Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is coming and it’s time to prepare for this important day. It’s a great chance for businesses on the Shopify platform to increase sales and promote their brand.

In this article, I would like to introduce you how to survive and make sales in Cyber Monday.

Simply surviving in this day is not enough you also need to set some sales goals, even if it’s just “make my first sale”. If setting up your deals and sending out your emails are not done, you can consider these following tactics in the sales days:

Keep the energy high and the stress low

If you’re falling asleep on the job, you can’t get success. Give your best shot to focus on these important days, especially, try to keep yourself healthy.

Besides, your attitude can have an impact on energy. So, you need to keep your focus on the positive and reduce stress.


Setting your goals for each day, even for each product and for the whole campaign can give you the motivation to work.

Real-time customer service

In Cyber Monday, your customers are expecting a faster response because stakes are high and deals are timed. You need to ensure that you check your inbox and social mentions frequently.

Besides, you can also take advantage of live chat service to support your customer immediately in case they are having issues with checkout or have questions about your products or policies. Therefore, your customers don’t need to wait too long to get the answers to their questions.

To save time, you should check and ensure that your product pages have complete and accurate information, especially the information about your popular products in your BFCM campaign.

Update your FAQ page by adding any Cyber Monday-specific Q&As. Give the information and policies about shipping fee, return, discounts, and even the free gifts.


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Furthermore, you should also keep interacting on social networks to attract new customers to your discount campaigns by posting information about your programs and products frequently. Sending day-of reminders to your customers is also a smart idea.

In addition, adding #BFCMwin to your Tweets and Instagram updates can also help you gain exposure.

Focus on customer services

Besides giving live chat services to support your customers in time, you can send them a thank-you email after they make a purchase to express your opportunities to your clients.

Create attractive discount campaigns

The discount program is the most effective thing in holiday sales. All consumers focus and put the priority on it. You can offer the free shipping policy for the orders with a certain amount of money or a certain number of items.

You can also give the specific option to loyal customers. For instance, only loyal clients can get a 50% discount and the others just get a 25% discount. Therefore, customers will want to buy more to become loyal customers.

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