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Story Of Bitcoin in Wall Street

history September 11, 2018

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Bitcoin is not a new definition in the currency market. It galloped last year; however, Bitcoin stopped growing fast. It is still a potential currency for many investors. Big e-commerce platforms like Shopify allow merchants and customers to sell and buy with this cryptocurrency. Today, we talk about the position of Bitcoin in Wall Street. Businessmen in Wall Street want to establish a big-player Bitcoin stock market.

They are waiting for a Bitcoin trading desk of Goldman Sachs. Let’s understand how Bitcoin and Wall Street’s interest influence investors.

The relationship between Wall Street’s interest and Bitcoin investors

Investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is the very high risk. The currency is not regulated and stable. It’s like an adventure when you invest in Bitcoin. You invest through the Bitcoin stock exchange and digital wallet.

You can use some wallets like Bitstamp, Bitfinex, and Coinbase. When you have a digital wallet, you attach a bank account to your wallet. This acts like the double – step security. Bitcoin is able to be sold and bought. You trade it with other official currencies. If some vendors accept Bitcoin, you can use it to buy products or pay for services. If you are selling online on Shopify, you can use currency converter box app to convert the price into bitcoin.

Wall Street involvement and Bitcoin regulation

The blockchain technology owns a good level of security.  They work under regulations. Cryptocurrencies have to follow regulations. Rules distribute to decreasing fraudulent transactions. In case you are going to invest in Bitcoin, you should read and investigate the regulations. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is an important regulation.

Brief of Initial Coin Offerings

Initial Coin Offerings regulation is used most by cryptocurrency startups. In Wall Street, the interest of Bitcoin does not have a strong impact on Initial Coin Offerings. Initial coin offerings are influenced when Bitcoin stock market and other cryptocurrency are under the control of regulators more. When the cryptocurrency develops, it probably is controlled by rules and regulations.

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