Stop Missing Any Reviews By Using Some Tips

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These days, customers often research the quality of the product or brand of the enterprise before they place an order. In this era of technology, e-commerce platform like Shopify is mushrooming. Buyers always care about social proof. If a product has good social proof, consumers will have more confidence to purchase it. One type of the social proof is reviews. If you own a large number of positive reviews, you can build customers’ trust and have more sales.

However, many entrepreneurs cannot get or don’t know how to collect good reviews. Before you think about getting reviews, you have to make sure that your products and services are high-quality. Then, if reviews don’t come in the usual way, you need to make a plan to collect a certain amount of comments.

Target audience

It’s important to determine customers you will ask for reviews. You shouldn’t get reviews from all buyers. You may get bad results if you ask all the shoppers because some will give you negative reviews. You only should look for reviews from customers who have had great experiences. When they are happy with your service, it’s likely that they leave a review. Send thank-you emails to them through email with love free.

You seek potential customers. You find shoppers who used to buy more than one item from your store or have bought the same product many times. They are satisfied with your business. You not only assess the number of orders but also order value to find out potential customers.

The form of emails to ask for reviews


I wanted to send you a quick note because I noticed you’ve bought PRODUCT NAME more than once. I hope you like it, and we’re always looking for feedback! Would you be open to sharing what you like about PRODUCT NAME with other customers by leaving a review? (<– link to your product review page)

Thank you so much, and thanks for being a great customer! If there’s anything I can help you with please let me know.



Automated method

After you have a standard form of emails to use, you must make emails to automatically send. The first step is finding the right customers. The second step is creating effective email form. The final one is building an automated system to send emails.

There are some tools on Shopify to send emails like MailChimp, Klaviyo, Smartrmail, and Omnisend. Don’t forget that Autoketing has an app named email with love free, which assists you to send thank-you emails to customers. Email should be the major method to ask for reviews. You can try other ways if you want. Enrich knowledge about email marketing with

10 thoughts on “Stop Missing Any Reviews By Using Some Tips

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