Steps To Run An Effective International Shipping (Part 1)

Shopify is a large e-commerce platform. Merchants and customers come from so many different countries in the world. So, shop owners have to set up international shipping campaigns to send products to international buyers. Obviously, Shopify supports merchants to create shipping campaigns. You need to spend time figuring out the method to implement international shipping.

In the first place, you must know everything of Shopify shipping. Then, make a plan and choose a right strategy. You want to grow your business faster, so you must sell to domestic and foreign customers. Expand the customers and reach far countries. The need for international shipping is developing. You can see some statistic below:

  • According to Pitney Bowes, 70% of online shoppers shop internationally in 2017, compared with 64% of 2016.
  • The average order value of an international sale is $147 USD, which is17% higher than an average domestic sale.
  • Retailers who offer premium international shipping grow 60% times faster than those that don’t use this service.

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The international shipping is a trend. When store owners have foreign customers, they will set up international shipping campaigns. We recommend you some steps to set up a good campaign.

  • Make an international shipping strategy
  • Ship products internationally through Shopify
  • Learn Payment method and country regulations
  • Prepare different packages
  • Work with multiple carriers
  • Price out your shipping

Making an international shipping strategy

You consider installing Shopify shipping bar app. This app will display shipping notifications and help you boost order value.

Firstly, you answer the question about countries you will ship and products you will deliver. You define which nations you will send the products to. If you have foreign customers, their countries are where you’ll ship. However, if you don’t have international customers, you will choose countries to create shipping campaigns. You can use some indicators to select countries.

You choose small countries which are close to your country. You examine your store’s traffic analytics and find out which countries have many customers visiting your shop. Choose countries whose languages you can speak. Identify markets which fit your business.

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To choose the products to ship, you can consider some factors. Are international customers interested in your products? Consider the weight and size of products. Light and small products can cost less to ship and easier to package. Be careful with fragile products! You should use sturdy packaging to wrap them up.

You can make use of discount deals via product discount master to encourage shopping needs. Combine sale-off campaigns and free shipping offers to maximize the number of sales.

Figuring out country rules and regulations

If I define the country you’ll ship and the products, you are supposed to read and investigate country-based rules and regulations.

Some products are forbidden by some countries or they limit those products. Rules and regulations contain all important information. You read them carefully to avoid breaking the rules and damage. UPS has a tool showing country-specific rules and regulations. Check if any of your products or components are listed as dangerous goods during shipping. A dangerous product can do harm during the transit process.

Some first steps before setting up an international shipping campaign are listed above. You can find the next steps at

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