How To Start Planning For Black Friday Cyber Monday

It is a great opportunity for e-commerce business including businesses on Shopify to make money on Black Friday Cyber Monday because people tend to spend more on these special days.

To get the highest revenue, it’s necessary to start planning now.

Prepare for customers who have already started researching

It’s better to prepare your holiday sales as early and carefully as you can. Then, notify your customers and visitors know about your upcoming sale well in advance.

The research from RetailMeNot showed that over half of buyers in the US plan to start their holiday shopping before BFCM.

You need to not only start preparing early but ensure that customers can find you when looking for gift ideas and information on particular products.


Organize your upcoming sales

It’s smart to offer the discounts and deals ahead of time instead of putting on a sale last minute. Look at all of your products and plan for it.

It’s easier to create a “planned sales map” for a simple outline of upcoming sale in Google Sheets or Excel and then make a copy to save it to your Drive.

Use the discount master online app to create the discount campaigns to attract clients.

With the app, you can easily select the products you want to put on the holiday sale and schedule their start dates and the sale prices or percent of discount. This app can also allow you to refer to your plans in the sales days. Besides, you can find help in the Autoketing easily.

Make sure to leverage the shareable discount links to make redeeming your offer codes even easier for your customers when you’re ready to implement your sales. As a result, you can boost your conversions.

Test or ensure your website can handle a surge in traffic

In the discount days, there are too many simultaneous requests and sometimes it makes your website bog it down and this potentially crashes your site. You will usually lose an enormous amount of traffic because of this kind of downtime. Therefore, it’s still a good idea to ensure your host can handle a spike in traffic.

Businesses need to make sure to test the server load capacity of your store with tools before running the discount programs.


Furthermore, the high speed when loading the page can give the good experience to customers and they will feel better when shopping.

In these days, your customers, of course, have any questions, don’t forget to support them with facebook online chat.

Ensure your store can handle increased demand

Consider preparing the increased demand you’ll experience during the holiday season whether your product is created or manufactured by you or your team or you rely on a supplier for your inventory.

Talk with your suppliers to make sure that they’re able to handle your projected sales for the holiday season. Selling out faster than you wanted to and not meeting the demand of your clients is one of the worst things happening during a sale.

Get ready your campaigns and creative on

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