How To Stand Out In The Crowded Marketplace (Part 2)

It’s important to make business outstanding in the highly competitive marketplace. If you don’t do well and optimize your online store on Shopify, your ability to get success is lower.

In Part 1, I show you the reason why you should highlight your store. And here is the way to do it.

Research your competitors and their products

After one truly transformative bath in Italy, Bathorium started. Gregory was staying at an AirBnB. The assortment of bath products this host has stacked on shelves by her master bath caught his eye. To create an unparalleled experience, she offered to draw him a bath, and the assortment of salts, oils, and other products she used came together.

He brings a similar bathing experience to the market here when he came back to North America. However, he knew the bath products market was a saturated one as someone who enjoyed a good bath.

He dove right into competitive research instead of letting that discourage him. He spent hundreds of dollars every kind of bath soak and bomb out there when going to the Bay, The Detox Market, and Holt Renfrew. All of it was just oil and salt. They just sit at the bottom of the tub undissolved. Nothing gave him an experience like I had in Italy although there was no wow factor and he had used everything; bath beads, powders, and bombs.

After that Gregory knew that a product recreating his Italian experience would truly stand out in the North American market. However, they’d be up against a wide range of established direct competitors.

Thus, you need to research and understand your competitors to improve your products as well as services.

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Don’t ignore Part 3 with more useful tips.

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