How To Solve 4 Challenges For Small E-Commerce Retailers?

It is increasingly attractive to start an online business based on the rise in e-commerce. Selling online such as selling on the Shopify platform brings you the chance to reach a wider pool of customers as well as sell a greater variety of merchandise.

So that, the competition is rasing. It is important for brands to build up a great deal of credibility and integrity. This is the big challenge for small retailers. Here is some advice on how to overcome them.

Creating a consistent, customized shopping experience

The consumers want to have a unified experience both online and in-store, so to get the success, retailers need to seamlessly bridge the gap between them.

It is very crucial to sync your online and offline inventory. When shoppers see a product on your online store and decide to buy or pick up in the offline store, the items listed on your website and advertised should be available today.

In addition, the consumers, especially the young, tend to perform multiple activities on the phone including shopping online. Thus, retailers need to make sure that their websites are fully optimized for mobile.

Shipping and tracking

Today, the shoppers want a seamless process on not just placing an order, but getting it delivered. Consumers will also favor the stores with fast, convenient and cheap delivery services.

Customers also demand access to delivery notifications to track their orders easily. In addition, don’t forget your packaging. Don’t overlook package design. Make it outstanding and eye-catching.

International sales

Sales coming from international buyers also contribute a great deal to your revenue.

When you decide what countries to market in, you should research the demand for your product.

Payment fraud

The hackers will target small merchants, so the retailers need to be careful to avoid them. Refine your payment system and make sure to accept credit cards. Thus, people pay immediately upon purchase and being clear about payment terms.

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