Main Solutions For Shipping Specific Products Globally

If you sell online on Shopify and demand to bring your products to international customers, you should think about shipping. International shipping is a primary step in the process of expanding the business. To some certain products, the cost of shipping is quite expensive. The farther you ship, the more expensive fee you have to suffer. For other products, you can ship them simply with a straightforward process.

You prepare and figure out everything about shipping before you run international shipping campaigns. Find a way to communicate with customers. Notify them if you can ship to their country or not.

You have a Shopify store and just want to sell and ship some specific items to other countries. You’re afraid that customers will be confusing. How can they know that one product isn’t sold in their country? What is the solution to your problem?

Firstly, you create an international shipping strategy. You determine which products are sold only domestically, which ones are sold to every country and which ones are just sold to some specific countries. This is an important step.


You should build a well-communicated shipping policy that can support you to reduce cart abandonment and get more sales. You tell the shoppers all the information about shipping. Give them updated information. Don’t let them be shocked when they check out. Imagine when they check out and realize that the products cannot be shipped to their country. Customers can be dissatisfied with your shop and remove all carts. That would be awful. To avoid that situation, a shipping policy is necessary. There are some methods to help customers clear with your policy and develop your business.

Information bar

This solution is simple to implement. Maybe it’s the best way. If you only ship some goods to certain countries, you can create a bar or banner to inform visitors about that. The bar should be put at the top of the store.

Shopify app free shipping bar also provides a small banner helping you show shipping notifications. The information bar will work like the bar of this app. Bars will be displayed on the shop and tell shoppers shipping policy.


Highlight shipping on your product pages

Information bar doesn’t work well all the time. Maybe some customers don’t pay attention to it. Instead of an information bar, you can make notes on products pages. You choose products with special shipping policy and make notes on their pages. For example, you ship two types of phone cases to the USA and Canada. You will make 1 message and put it on the product page of two products.

Link to the full shipping policy

Information bars and notes just tell a piece of information. You cannot show many things on just a small banner or message note. Customers might want to know all information and read the whole of shipping policy. Therefore, you need direct visitors to the page of the policy. Add a link to a button. When customers click it, they go to the policy page. You can learn from Billy! shop. They have a note about international shipping in their FAQ and a link for customers who desire to know all shipping policy.

You can mix the free shipping campaign and discount deals to attract foreign customers.  Discount master will help you. When you build a certain amount of foreign customers, you grow your business successfully.

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