The social media is becoming more and more popular with everyone and they spend much time on it so it can be the sales channel for many retailers. If you have an online store on Shopify, you should not ignore this useful channel to reach more customers and boost your sales.

However, you can get the best result if you have the right strategy. Here are many mistakes retailers need to avoid to do best. In part 1, I showed you 2 of them and this is the rest.

Using impersonal, poorly written responses

Every client wants to know that the social media of a brand is run by a real person. Customers want to be provided with personalized, non-template responses. The responses must be in a conversational tone that matches the way users communicate on that particular site.

You should come up with a list of different ways to say the same thing because you’re probably going to have to convey similar information in each response.

To respond to your customers in time, you can make use of the live chat on facebook to get their messages immediately and support them.

Giving customers the runaround

Business should try to resolve a consumer issue in the same channel where it was started. For legal reasons, brands are not always possible to fully discuss the details of a client complaint on a public social network, but you should do as much as you can.

For example, respond to a Twitter customer on Twitter asking what you can do to help if they tweet about a negative experience. Then, give clients your contact information to continue the conversation elsewhere immediately if it can’t be resolved through tweets or direct messages.

It’s necessary to avoid asking customers to contact another department or wait for a response.

Not resolving the issue publicly

Business owners always need to return to the original channel and reach out to the customer afterward if they do have to take the conversation offline. For example, they can say that: We’re so pleasured that we were able to resolve your problem. Thanks to this way, that person’s followers who saw the initial request for help can see that it ended in resolution.

Missing the opportunity to ask for another chance

Brands can ask the consumers for a chance to improve their future experience with the company through a coupon, voucher, or product sample in cases where the issue can’t be resolved. However, this option should be used with caution.

Furthermore, these useful apps can help you improve your customer services: email app download, sales pop master free, and currency converter app on

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