Nowadays, millions of consumers are more likely to share their experiences with brands on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The social media is good for you if you are having an online store on Shopify or other platforms.

Companies learned that listening to these social media conversations and meeting them where they are are the ways to make a good impression or correct the bad impression.

Customers tend to be influenced by what communities and their friends are saying about brands than by marketers with traditional ads. If you are a business, it’s important that you’re influencing what those customers say. The social networks are increasingly the best medium for you to do that.

However, it’s necessary to take advantage of social media in the right way. Here are many social media customer services mistakes which retailers need to avoid to get the best result.

Failing to respond to brand mentions

The Software Advice said that the larger consumer brands respond to social media mentions only 14 percent of the time. However, if your brand can’t be able to respond every single mention of the followers, you should make an effort to prioritize and respond to mentions that will help create and build a customer advocate base.

Furthermore, it is a much bigger impact than a message coming from your company when sharing or retweeting a customer post that says something flattering about your brand.

Only responding to positive mentions

There is a fact that positive customer mentions are a powerful marketing tool. However, you just can really demonstrate how your brand handles customer service by the way you respond to negative ones. Therefore, when it comes to identifying and responding to negative customer mentions, retailers should be diligent and tireless.

Besides, it’s also critical to respond to your consumers in time. With the help of facebook chat login, you can get the questions of clients immediately and respond to them in a short time.

In addition, don’t forget to improve the quality of customer services. You may need many useful apps such as email with love download, sales pop by autoketing, and best app currency converter on

Continue more 4 mistakes in part 2.

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