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Should Small Enterprises Adopt E-Commerce?

history August 3, 2018

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E-commerce is a trend of the world economy in this century. More and more e-commerce businesses are established. Both big brands and small companies attend the e-commerce industry. Today, we will discuss the reasons why small businesses should adopt e-commerce.

Shopping online has developed over the past years. Buyers not only go to shops to purchase products directly but also use the internet to buy commodities online. They can save time and travel cost. They just sit at home and add anything to cart.

Since shopping online is very convenient, the number of shoppers increases greatly. A number of online customers at Christmas have increased 2 times in the USA. Therefore, e-commerce is a promising market. Larger customer base attracts small enterprise to take part in e-commerce.

One study refers that 93% of customers tend to buy goods in local shops which offer online selling service. Small stores or companies can sell offline and online. You give customers more choices. Shoppers can see products on a website before going to the shop and buying them. They can buy online and receive products shipped to their home.

If a small enterprise expands its business, it must spend more money on retail space, inventory location, and staff. However, if it sells online, the cost will decrease. You don’t have to hire lots of employees and pay for inventory places. Sale taxes for online shops can be less than physical stores.

If your business is small, managing system is simpler than brands. You don’t have to use a complicated method to manage your store. You need to concentrate on marketing and SEO so that many customers know your business.

How about setting up a small store on Shopify? You start up your own business. Don’t forget to install email with love and Shopify facebook chat box on https://autoketing.com/.



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