Simple Ways To Use Cross-Selling And Upselling

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Cross-selling and upselling are intelligent strategies to sell more and increase revenue. In this post, we will show you many simple but effective ways to implement upselling and cross-selling.

It is the necessary tactics for not only brick-and-mortar store but also online store on e-commerce platform including Shopify.

Cut Down On The Options

It is said that you’ll increase the number of sales if you give customers dozens of additional options. However, it is not the way it works. As a sales expert, you should not only focus on the business’s aim of selling extra stuff. On the contrary, salesman needs to pay attention to the customer’s aim of making sure that the extra stuff will actually benefit them. The reason is that product recommendations depend on the items your clients choose from the beginner.

Remember not to throw everything at the customers, combine your upselling and cross-selling with customer service. Just suggest them the most relevant items which will help them win. Therefore, you will win, too.

Use Those Bundles

One more great way to sell more products and meet the needs of your clients is bundling items together.

For example, when selling smartphones, you can create the bundle of a case, a screen protector, and a charger. Therefore, your customers can get everything they need in one purchase.

In addition, you are able to increase your overall number of sales if you offer a slight discount on the bundle.


Offer Your Clients What They Want

It’s better if you can keep track of customers from the past purchases. Therefore, you can understand them and know their demand and customize upsells and cross-sells based on what you know they already like.

For instance, when your customers make a purchase of a product. In the next time, they come to you, you can recommend them the similar items. The consumers will not consider this to be an annoyance. Instead, they will fell convenient and useful because you know what they gravitate toward and then point them to other similar items.

Then, try to save what your clients buy and then guide them toward similar products in the future. Besides, you can alert your customers when a new, related item comes out.

Use shopify sale app to offer customers relatable products.

Keep The Price Increases Limited

When a prospect purchases a $50 leather coat, don’t recommend another $200 leather coat. It is not helping your customers, just smacking of trying to take advantage of them.

In general, remember the rule that cross-sells and upsells shouldn’t be 25% more expensive than what they’re already purchasing.

If the difference is less than 25%, you’ll stay in the range of what they’re already purchasing. However, you are at risk of alienating and frustrating your customers if you go outside this. The reason is that If they wanted to spend a lot of money, they would have made that initial purchase larger.

In addition, if you are selling abroad, you can consider using Currency Converter Box to allow clients to see the price of products in their currency.

They win, you win

When selling, you should be flexible in order to not only help your customers but also improve your revenue. You should not only focus on the profit. On the contrary, it is necessary to make your customers happy.  Hence, merchants should cross-sell and upsell in a way that serves your clients.

If you give suitable suggestions to help your customers, they will feel happy and you also increase your sales. Remember if you help your clients win, you will win, too.

These are the useful strategies to help merchants in cross-selling and upselling. Hope that you can take advantage of it to increase your sales.

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