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  • Shopping Cart Abandonment: Customers Bouncing at Checkout – Build Trust for Customers

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Customers Bouncing at Checkout – Build Trust for Customers

history April 24, 2020

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To effectively tackle shopping cart abandonment, merchants need to enhance the customer’s browsing and checkout experience, create confidence, reassurance, and increase the perceived security level. Therefore, customers bouncing at checkout is less likely to occur.

None merchants expect customer’s abandonment of shopping cart. Abandonment of shopping carts or customers bouncing at checkout process is when shoppers advertise an item or products to a shopping cart on a website, but leave before the transaction is completed.

Abandonment of shopping carts is one of the most inevitable problems online companies will have to solve. Unfortunately, protecting against absolutely is also difficult-some customers will likely bounce before purchasing before crossing the line and making a payment. That said, and fighting shopping cart abandonment is certainly not impossible to boost the eCommerce experience. 

In this blog Autoketing will look at how to build trust for customers, helping you avoid the possibility of cart abandonment.

Removing Plus Hidden Charges

Shoppers online are unpleasant about unexpected charges. In most cases, customers start with a budget, consciously or subconsciously, and then add items based on that to the cart. They’ll be in for a surprise when they hit the checkout stage if their total bill goes beyond what they’ve budgeted for.

Even if the cost rise can be attributed to valid heads such as sales tax, delivery costs, etc. customers get irritated when such costs are reported to them during checkout.

It’s best to show those secret charges to them as soon as possible. One way to do this is by providing a calculator or estimator inside the shopping cart that will help the consumer get a rough understanding of what they may have to pay for their purchase overall.

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Display feedback and customer ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are proven drivers of sales and several surveys have shown that over 60% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. If the individual ratings and feedback for a product appear during the checkout process, the consumer will be inspired to purchase it, rather than abandon the cart.

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Create faith with Trustworthy Symbols 

Trustworthy symbols are known to build trust for customers; if it’s the first time they visit your sire and is going through a checkout process they may differ from sharing payment details on your site if they are not sure if this information will be safe and will not be misused.

They’ll almost always abandon your shopping cart when in doubt. But how do you gain their confidence? During these times symbols of faith come in handy. But it’s important to note that that symbols of confidence serve different purposes.

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