How Do Shopify Stores Prepare For Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

There are some special occasions in a year when every shop and enterprise takes the opportunity to boost sales and raise the revenue. For both physical stores and online stores, special holidays are the chance to promote the number of purchases. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two big occasions we discuss today. E-commerce shops will have to prepare for two dynamic selling periods. According to Shopify, more than $1 billion was the amount merchants sold during Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year. Customers in the world spent billions of dollars to shop during four-day shopping occasion.  Let’s get started right now to make a great preparation.

Because this is a tremendous event, most of the online sellers focus on it so that the revenue can skyrocket. Merchants have to create campaigns and well-prepared customer service, shipping service. They also find the way to increase sale volume. If your customers come more and more and you want to interact with them through Facebook Messenger, you can use facebook chat box app of Autoketing. You set simple goals including increasing sales, satisfied customers and limited mistakes. You attempt to reach them. Stand up and make a plan.

Focus on customers who begin researching your products

You should prepare campaigns and deals early. Don’t act in the last minute! It takes time to prepare plans well. You make discount campaigns, then let potential customers see them. According to RetailMeNot, over 50% of the US buyers want to start their shopping before Black Friday – Cyber Monday.

Arrange the upcoming sales

Plan to organize sale campaigns ahead of time. This means that you must finish the preparation before the Black Friday Cyber Monday begins. You should create a planned sales map so that you can manage campaigns effectively. Select products you will sell in the holiday. The products must be what customers need or what they will use in the holiday. If you need to create discount campaigns for your Shopify store, you can use Discount Master to lift up your profit.

Make other plans

You should think about bad situations you can meet when your campaigns work. What will you do if the shipping partner can’t deliver goods? How quickly do you restock products if you sell out earlier than expected? You find solutions for tough cases.

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Prepare for flows of the traffic and increasing demand

When Black Friday Cyber Monday comes, the number of people access your website will increase suddenly. You make sure that your site can support the increasing traffic. By using, you can test the speed of server loading.

What do you do when your products are sold out and you can’t restock them immediately? On holidays, more customers buy your products, so they are sold out faster. You prepare for that situation. You make sure that your supplier can provide enough products on holidays. An extra amount of products are very necessary.

Design or use impressive images

You create the impression so that customers pay attention and remember your shop. You decorate your website and take care of product images. You use the images as a good way to advertise your brand. Make use of tools like CreativeMarket and Canva to design eye-catching banners or images.

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