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  • How Has Shopify Built A Commerce Platform For Everyone?

How Has Shopify Built A Commerce Platform For Everyone?

history July 11, 2018

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While e-commerce is developing so fast, plenty of platforms are produced to provide better selling-buying environment for merchants and customers. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify. It has a history of foundation and development. Let’s see how Shopify has built a good platform and appealed merchants! Today, I will tell you about a small detail, Shopify Payments.

Shopify developers have released Local Payment Method for Shopify Payment. In other words, they supply different ways for customers to pay. Shopify wants all buyers from all over the world to get a seamless selling experience. Currency conversion is a problem.

A bunch of customers just want to do payments in their currency. They don’t like to exchange the currency and pay in other currency. Merchants should use Currency Converter by Autoketing to resolve that inconvenience. Merchants also should understand this problem and use the Local Payment Method as a solution. Stores using Shopify Payments are possible to provide local payment options for customers.


Once local payment service is enabled, customers will see the payment options based on currency and regional popularity. For instance, in North America, the credit card is the main payment option, but in Germany, over 40% of purchases are operated by bank account.



Shopify merchants need to provide enough payment options for buyers from different regions. This is very important that buyers can check out in the most convenient way.  As a result, you boost the conversion rate and drive more sales.

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