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Shopify Black Friday Most Powerful Marketing Strategies

history October 2, 2020

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Black Friday has always been the biggest shopping event of the year. However, COVID-19 Pandemic changes everything. This year, Shopify Black Friday is going to be very different. For community safety, no crow or all-nighter waiting in line in front of Shopping Centers. How can Shopify Businesses make the most of the situation?

The answer: Prepare for dynamic marketing strategies for Shopify Black Friday 2020.

The sooner you prepare, the smoother the holiday sales get.

Shopify Black Friday 2020

Here are some marketing strategies to get your Shopify Business soaring this Black Friday. 

1. Shopify Black Friday Special Promotion

The day after Thanks Giving has long been the most competitive sales day for both customers and merchants. There are tons of discounts on the run. How can you make your offer stand out?

If there is a time to show your generosity to royalty customers, that time is now. Send them an inclusive invitation to increase traffic. By visiting your Shopify Store, they will discover more of your incredible merchandise that drives them to purchase.

Promotions have various types and forms.

Here are the top 10 most popular promotion ideas you can apply in Black Friday 2020.

1- Discounted products

2- Free shipping

3- Flash sales

4- Discounted bundles

5- Giveaway or gift

6- Loyalty points

7- Coupon

8- Competition

9- Price match

10- Discount for the next purchase

Shopify Black Friday Sales

Make sure the information about your promotions and products on sales are delivered to all of your digital subscribers or followers. Let them know when the sales run, what is on stock and what are you offering them.

Shopify Black Friday is a hustle hour. 

My advice, create an email series to promote your Shopify Black Friday Sales that run at least 15 days in advance. Don’t miss out on any buyers by sending late offer while other Shopify deals had already stolen their attention.

A productive Email Marketing App will be your right hand for Shopify Black Friday Marketing Strategies.

I trust Thank You Email Marketing Tool to handle the situation. Receive over 100 hundred 5 star review on the Shopify app store, Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing deserves the praise with every single feature it provides. It definitely a powerful marketing tool that boosts your sales during Shopify Black Friday 2020.

Customer Review on Thank You Email Marketing Tool

2. Market Your Products With An Outstanding Marketing Strategy

Shopify Black Friday Theme

To advertise your special Black Friday event, display a new theme for your Shopify Store. Design a new banner to your Shopify store, email series, and social media. Let your community know that your Shopify store is planning something big. It would attract customers’ attention and set the alarm in their subconscious. Your Shopify store will have a higher chance to have their visits and purchase.

Whether you are planning to apply a new banner ad, theme, poster, or avatar. Make sure it follows the same direction. More importantly, it creates excitement, and a festival feels to customers.

Shopify Black Friday Creative Theme


Plan your advertising campaign as soon as possible. Paid advertising can be more expensive and more competitive when Black Friday is coming closer. If you intend to clean out your inventory stock, it’s possible to hire a digital marketing agency. The professional will help you create a paid advertising strategy to hit the ground running on Shopify Black Friday.

Don’t forget to optimize your Shopify Store. It should always be step 1 in your plan. Make sure the home page can handle unexpected large traffic. You want to showcase a fast and professional home page that satisfies customers from the first glance. Learn how to do so in this article 13 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Isn’t Great

Shopify Black Friday Email Marketing Strategy

It’s high time for email marketing plays its role. Start the campaign at least two weeks ahead, which means you should have your plan laying out now.

Here are some email campaigns that you can apply to your Shopify Store

1. Promotional email

2. Abandoned cart email

3. Seasonal campaign

4. Triggered email series

Newsletter Subscribers in Thank You Email Marketing Tool

To learn more about all types of email marketing campaigns and its example, check out Exclusive Email Marketing for Shopify: 7 Must-have Email Types (Part 1)

In case you haven’t had a good email list, this is a great chance to build it. Create popups asking visitors to join your network. In return, you’ll provide them amazing chances to purchase items at your Shopify Store. For example, gift, gift card, free shipping, discount with bundles, or coupon.

The Social Media Boom

Digital Marketing has an enormous effect that can’t be ignored. Promote your product and let your community knows about your Shopify Black Friday Campaign. Create a timeline for all of your posts. Follow it and respond to your customers if they have any questions or need. Social media is a great tool to leverage your customer service. 

3. Evaluate Your Shopify Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Feedback is valuable. Either good or bad. However, how to take customers’ feedback, and upgrade your process is a whole different story.

Learn Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an effective tool, yet free, for tracking traffic. Its data allows you to understand customers’ insight so you would know what step to take next. 

Practice Shopify Report

Will Shopify Report helps you out? Yes. Especially in this Shopify Black Friday when the eCommerce market turns upside down. Shopify Report can calculate your marketing effort. With the combination of Google Analytics and Shopify Report, you can track and improve your marketing methods.

Reflex Marketing Campaign 

Once you have all the data in hand, it’s time to reflect mistakes and success. Take notes and save this Shopify Black Friday number to measure how your effort works. From the report, you can prepare a better plan for the next holiday season.

Closing advice

The early bird gets the worm. 

Your preparation, and planning for Shopify Black Friday should kick start as soon as possible. The quarantine measure is the upper hand for eCommerce businesses so use your advantages wisely. 

Wish you have a successful holiday season.

If you’re considering another alternative for your existing app, check for the reference resource Shopify App Store  

Please keep in mind that the Autoketing Team is always ready to support you. Autoketing is constantly looking for new updates and the best solution for online business on Shopify Store.

If you need any assistance or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always there to help.

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