Kevin Harrington is the serial entrepreneur building a $5 billion business, founded the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO). He pioneered the infomercial business and has advised dozens of other entrepreneurs because he is one of the original sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank.

When you have an online store on Shopify, you will need many sale tips and tricks to get success in business. Kevin Harrington gives the useful advice to entrepreneurs.

Play the long game

Sales is a relationship business. Building the strong relationships that go the distance is the best way to have success. It means that business helps customers get what they want. You’ll create a customer for life when you overdeliver and give customers more value than they are expecting.

Action item: You should think of some customers who need extra attention. Contact your customers today and ask what problems you can help solve for them.

Sometimes a “no” is not a bad thing

It can be actually good to get the “no” out of the way the first thing. You can think about it this way: if a potential customer says “no”, it means that he/she is likely to say “yes” in the future. Showing your audiences why their life would be better off with your product, idea or service in it is what you need to do now. Are you ready to move forward with confidence?

Action item: Define the consumers who reject you. After that, you will address their objections in a way that helps them going forward.

In addition to this, the way you take care of your customers is also important to bring them to your brand. They will be very impressed if you can support them whenever they want by using the facebook chat login. Besides, giving the thanks for their purchase is also a good way to attract them and the email with love will help you.

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