How To Set Up An Abandoned Cart Email Series To Win Customers And Keep Them Coming Back

A powerful customer retention tool for online retailers is the email marketing automation.

When you have an online store on the Shopify platform or the other one, email provides a high-leverage way to encourage repeat purchases. You can build your brand and get better customers with the help of email marketing. This type of marketing is also useful for the abandoned cart.

You can set up an abandoned cart email series with 3 emails:

  • Email 1: Remind buyers of what they left behind
  • Email 2: Handle objections
  • Email 3: Offer a discount or incentive

As many as 81.4% of online shopping carts are abandoned according to research from the Baymard Institute. Your customers are interested enough to add your product to their cart but they don’t complete the purchase for some reason.

However, fortunately, the savvy ones can recover about 63% of that lost revenue. Thus, a cart abandonment emails strategy is important. This strategy allows you to continue to reap the benefits long.

The time you send your abandoned cart emails is also important. This is the suitable plan to send the emails:

  • Email 1: send 24 hours later.
  • Email 2: send 48 hours later.
  • Email 3: send 72 hours later.

You can determine if and how you need to adjust by looking at your data over time. However, don’t be afraid to send four, five, six or more emails if it’s necessary.

You should keep sending the emails if people keep buying from your cart abandonment emails.

Email 1: Remind shoppers of what they left behind.

Many companies distribute promo codes and discounts immediately after a cart’s abandoned. Many consumers abandon just to see if you’ll send a discount.

Use the first email as a simple reminder. Tell the buyers that they left the items in their cart. It’s good if you show them a picture of the product. Besides, it’s necessary to include a link that takes them directly to the checkout. you’ll likely get more bang for your buck with the latter if you have the resources to design a single beautiful email or create a series of text-only emails.

Email 2: Handle objections

This time for you to learn about the reasons why people aren’t buying your products. After that, address those objections head-on and convince subscribers that your product is worth buying.

Many companies consider the abandoned cart email automation, overtly listing product benefits to complete their purchase.

Sometimes you can ask them the reason why they didn’t complete the purchase. Then, you’ll have a baseline of data around why people aren’t converting.

Besides, you can offer your free shipping. Providing the additional social proof through reviews and testimonials from happy customers is always an intelligent way.

Email 3: Offer a discount or incentive

You’ll want to add extra motivation with a discount if consumers haven’t converted after the first 2 email. You can give the free gift, a percentage, dollar amount, or other offers. Use something compels people to action and works well for your margins.

It’s important to include a picture of the products and an obvious link back to the shopping cart so customers can complete their purchase.

In addition, you also use the email with love to give the thanks to your customers after they make a purchase or for their loyalty.

Try to support your customer timely by using the facebook inbox messages.

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