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How To Retain Customers By Managing Orders In Your Online Store

history July 9, 2018

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Managing your orders well is also a way to retain the customers. Consumers are more likely to repeat a purchase in the store with the good, cheap and fast shipping. Thus, to develop your online store in Shopify with more loyal customers.

I would like to tell you my old story a few years ago. I bought a camera in a popular online marketplace. After 3 days, I didn’t receive my product. At once point, I was told that my package was on the way but at another, I was informed I’d purchased a product that didn’t exist! After that, 15 days went by and I never received my product. Since then, I never purchase in this shop.

If you are going to open an online store, you also should concern about how to manage your orders well to have the best customer services.

And here are 5 tips for you to manage your online store.

Apply the first-in, first-out rule

When a lot of orders pile up, you can skip over your oldest orders. Thus, sometimes you miss out on many first orders and you lose your customers. To retain the consumers, you need to remember to always take care of customers who were first to order to make sure they get their goods in a timely manner.

Filter your orders

You should use the filter options to organize and manage the orders for shipping and processing. When you have a large number of orders, these functions are incredibly useful. You can use filters like order date (to get your oldest orders out first) or payment status (to help you get a head start on paid orders).

Keep an eye on inventory

When your attention is focused on something else, inventory is easy to lose track. Then, you can track your inventory without walking through your warehouse counting your merchandise.

Handle your shipping efficiently

Customers are always impatient and they want their orders to be shipped in an affordable, reliable and timely manner. That is the reason why smart shipping methods and fast order fulfillment (especially on express shipping) are crucial.

Attach a tracking number

After sending your products to the post office, it’s difficult for you to control them! Then, having a shipping/tracking number is a reliable way for customers to follow their order without having to contact you directly.

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