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The advertisement appears everywhere in today’s world and the promotional messages on the Internet are the most prevalent. Nowadays, online advertisements appear in the form of display units banner ads and pop-ups. More and more companies on Shopify are choosing a more seamless, natural approach. They can do that by creating and running aptly named ‘native ads.’

Native ads come in around a webpage’s main content with a feel and look that matches the layout and design of the website. This design makes the ad easier, unobtrusive, and simple to consume than displays ads.

Native ads are a seamless preview of content and offers. The “advertorial” an advertiser-created piece of content and it is designed to mimic the content a media outlet already produces. Besides, it is used in magazines, TV and radio shows for decades. However, this type of advertisement takes many forms in the digital world. Thus, when running native ads, businesses need to know which ones will be the right fit for their brand.

CEO of content discovery and engagement platform Snap Skout named Aaron Goodin said that there are six types of native ad formats.

In-feed units. They appear on news outlets and social networks in the form of labeled “sponsor content”.

Paid search units. An advertiser pays for the paid search units to be listed at the top of search engine results for certain keywords.

Recommendation widgets. They are listed on the side or bottom of a media outlet’s website. They pull related content from “around the Web” based on topics and keywords.

Promoted listings. They function like the paid search units. However, they appear on e-commerce marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.

In-ad with native element units. They link to an offsite page. They are placed alongside editorial content based on contextually relevant topics and keywords.

Custom units. They are extremely platform-specific. Each format allows for a simple integration into a user’s experience. It is the brilliance and effectiveness behind native ads.

Because the native advertising grows up surrounded by digital media, they seem to be particularly effective with millennials. Many companies should be paying attention to native ads for this reason when setting their sights on capturing this market as this type of marketing becomes one of the largest, most influential and most valuable consumer demographics.

It is said that consumers absorb native ads 53 percent more frequently than display ads. Furthermore, 68 percent of customers are more willing to share a native advertisement than a display ad with a family member or a friend.

Younger users are likely to spend more time on social networks. Besides, they respond positively to services and products which their friends recommend. When in-feed units allow brands to reach a younger audience in that social-network setting, they can make sense. The recommendation widgets should provide relevant and useful content.

The biggest challenge marketers face due to the nature of native ads is walking the fine line between being overtly promotional and providing a creative, high-quality branded message.

It can deliver great business results when your native ad provider delivers quality through its disclosure practices, publisher network, and technology.

Moreover, the customer services also play the important role in your success. Thus, don’t forget to take care of them well with the useful apps like facebook live chat and the email with love.

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