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How to reply to positive customer feedback

history February 19, 2022

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Obtaining online reviews is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your company and attract new customers. Taking a proactive approach to gaining positive traction on social media by knowing how to respond to positive reviews and 5-star ratings can help you take your lead generation to the next level. 

Did you know that positive reviews can persuade up to 68 percent of customers to patronize a local business? 

It is not sufficient to perfect your review request and lead generation strategy. It is also critical that you learn how to respond to both positive and negative reviews in order to maximize the value of receiving such positive customer feedback.

When it comes to responding to reviews, time is of the essence! As a business owner, you must respond quickly to a satisfied customer in a tone that conveys your brand identity and encourages them to do business with you again via a carefully crafted call-to-action. 

Are you ready to seize the moment and capitalize on those positive social media reviews? 

Let’s get this started.

How to respond to positive reviews 

What do you do when a customer pays you a compliment in person on your product or service? Of course, your first thought will be, “Thank you!” The same is true for online reviews. 

Responding personally to a happy customer’s review, whether on Yelp, Google My Business, or Facebook, is a great area where you can control your online reputation. 

Here’s how to generate a positive review response and multiply the benefits of a positive review you received: 

  1. Respond quickly
  2. Use the customer’s name
  3. Thank the customer
  4. Encourage them to share their experience
  5. Invite future business

1. Respond quickly 

Consider the timing of the recent review in relation to the customer who submitted it. 

The vast majority of reviews are left immediately after a purchase or service is completed. Your brand and company will be fresh in your customer’s mind, and he or she may choose to provide you with positive feedback at this time. 

When it comes to responding to reviews, you should follow a similar procedure. Your customers’ feedback and opinions are valuable to you, and it’s time you showed them. Allowing a 5-star review to sit with no engagement or responses from you will make your customer believe their review was unimportant to you.

Make an effort to respond to reviews within one to two days of receiving them. The faster you are, the better. 

You want your customer to feel valued and appreciated. If you want your company to stay at the top of your customers’ minds, you must extend the same courtesy and respond quickly.

2. Use the customer’s name

After providing an exceptional customer experience, the last thing you want to do is make your customer feel unimportant. This can sometimes turn a positive experience into a negative experience. 

Sending a generic, impersonal response to a customer is not a good way to turn that reviewer into a long-term brand advocate. 

Remember that your customer is a real person who has taken the time to share a positive experience with you. Make certain that you respond in a way that treats them as individuals rather than “just another customer.” 

Addressing him or her by name in your response is one of the simplest and most effective ways to accomplish this. That is correct!

Responding, “Mary, thank you for the positive feedback! We’re delighted to hear you enjoyed our service,” can go a long way. 

Pro tip: You can take it a step further by including a personal comment that informs your customer that you remember their company and their specific experience. 

Don’t sugarcoat them or be too “extra” in your response, but make it a point to show your customers that you read the review rather than just skimming through it.

3. Thank the customer

Following the creation of a personalized introduction to the review response, it is time to thank the reviewer for the kind words. 

Customers are not required to leave positive reviews, but those who do can help your local SEO and online reputation by providing social proof. 

The first thing you should do in your review response is to thank the customer. You want to demonstrate to them how valuable their feedback is to your company. 

This can sometimes result in additional reviews from other loyal customers or others who want to provide positive feedback and assist your local business is growing. Without your knowledge, responding to a positive review and thanking them can create this additional opportunity.

Template Example 

Here’s a sample template for thanking your customer. Feel free to modify it to make it more relevant to your needs: 

Hello, [CUSTOMER NAME], Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a wonderful review! We’re delighted to hear that you enjoyed doing business with us. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and as evidenced by your review, we take great pride in providing exceptional service. Thank you again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again soon!

4. Encourage them to share their experience

Responding to customer reviews is about more than just making the customer happy and making them feel acknowledged. It’s also an opportunity to capitalize on the social proof you’re receiving and build your company name and local brand. 

If a customer goes out of his or her way to write a positive review, he or she is more likely to share it on other platforms and review sites, as well as with friends and family. Incorporating this CTA into your response in a seamless manner can result in a two-fold impact of that one positive review, resulting in future customers searching Google for your business name!

Depending on your objectives, you could request that reviewers share their feedback via social media platforms or through word-of-mouth. However, keep in mind that you should make this request in a non-sales manner. Make the request seem natural. 

Example of text to include in your review response 

Would you mind spreading the word about our company and recommending our services to your friends? Nothing would make us happier than to assist other homeowners in our community. Thank you very much! 

Don’t make your customers do all of the work. If you’re asking them to share, you should be sharing as well! Share the positive online review on your social media accounts, whether through a retweet on Twitter or a Facebook story update.

Your existing platform followers will notice the positive feedback and may choose to participate by sharing it or writing their own. Alternatively, they may be reminded of your company and return! 

You can even use a positive review as a testimonial on your website to attract more visitors and customers. 

There’s no harm in disseminating positive publicity across multiple platforms. After all, isn’t that the purpose of social media?

5. Invite future business

Finally, consider your response as a lead generation opportunity. 

Inviting satisfied customers to do more business with you in the future has the following effects: 

Returning them to your sales funnel and generating offline repeat sales 

demonstrating to potential customers that your company values customer loyalty 

reducing the impact of negative feedback in bad reviews 

Of course, you don’t want to minimize your appreciation for your customers. That should remain the primary goal.

To avoid this, make sure you design the invitation in a casual but sophisticated style. A great way to get more business is to recommend another product or service that you believe this particular customer would enjoy. You are still focusing on your customers and their satisfaction by doing so. 

Template Example 

This can be accomplished by including the following review response template in your response: 

We’re thrilled to hear you had a good time! We recommend that you schedule a follow-up with us in [TIME PERIOD] because you enjoyed [SERVICE]. We’d be delighted to assist you again whenever you require it!

Review management made simple 

It is critical to respond to both positive and negative reviews. By personally responding to each positive review you receive, you elevate your company’s online reputation and gain some valuable social support. 

However, if you receive a large number of reviews, it can be difficult to review and manage them all on time. This is where we can assist. 

Product Review Autoketing can assist you in optimizing your review process and making the most of every positive review you receive.

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