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How To Repeat Customers By Using The Email Series

history August 13, 2018

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The repeat customers contribute largely to your profit. When you own an online store on Shopify, if you have a certain number of customers, you can easily boost your sales.

Although the repeat customers only make up 11% of the customer base, they account for almost a quarter of revenue. Creating an entire automated email campaign targeted gives you an easier time to strengthen relationships with existing customers than trying to attract new ones.

Here is the way to set up an email series for repeat customers.

You should treat the repeat customers and your new customers differently. They like and trust your brand. Their trust is founded on previous positive experiences.

The relevant information and products that solve the problems of your repeat customers are what they need. Thus, focusing more on offers related to customer interests is your job with your repeat customers.

There are 2 steps in this strategy:

Email 1: Checking in

Send 2 days after the product should have arrived.

The first email is like the check-in email for new customers. You should make sure that the product arrived as expected and the delivery went well. This could also be a good time to ask for a review depending on the products.

Email 2: Personalized recommendations

Send 4 days later

You know more about their preferences because these are repeat customers. Therefore, it’s easier for you to send a product offers tailored to them. Sometimes, you can simply curate the personalized product recommendations which are providing value enough instead of the discount prices or offer a promo code.

Business can use the shoppers’ browsing and search history on their platform to offer up the related products. They highlight the benefits of their customer loyalty program and the low prices available.

If you want to improve your customer services, you may want to try out the email with love and facebook help chat on https://autoketing.com/.

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